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Friday, Oct 21 2016 | 08:18
Image: 1607106 Over two decades later, KRS One’s debut solo album Return of the
Boom Bap finally gets the reissue it deserves. Pressed for the first
time on color vinyl, this double LP not only includes a bonus 7” of
Kenny Parker remixes, it also features the first-ever color sleeve on
a US pressing.
Stripping away the intricate production of the final Boogie Down
Productions album, Sex and Violence, Return of the Boom Bap
saw the already iconoclastic rapper return to the bare bones, gritty
territory of his landmark masterpiece Criminal Minded. KRS-One’s
delivery, too, burned with a reinvigorated fury, spitting out his rhymes
with pummeling cadences and world-wise intelligence. Although
the record isn’t as focused on social activism and political protest
as the latter Boogie Down albums, KRS-One never made his lyrics
simplistic, nor did he turn his back on what could now be called
prescient social commentary. The combination of raw beats and
emotion-driven rhymes made Return of the Boom Bap a genuine
comeback for KRS-One, one of the founding figures of modern hiphop.

1. KRS-One Attacks
2. Outta Here
3. Black Cop
4. Mortal Thought
5. I Can’t Wake Up
6. Slap Them Up
7. Sound of da Police
8. Mad Crew
9. Uh Oh
10. Brown Skin Woman
11. Return Of The Boom Bap
12. “P” Is Still Free
13. Stop Frontin’
14. Higher Level
15. Hip Hop vs. Rap
16. Return Of The Boom Bap (Inst)

A. Sound Of Da Police [Remix]
B. Mortal Thought (I Must Rock The Mic) [Kenny Parker Remix]

• Considered a hip-hop classic, Return of the Boom Bap is
KRS-One’s first solo effort
• Originally released in 1993
• First US pressing with a full color jacket
• Blue vinyl, limited to 1000 copies
• Includes bonus remix 7” and two additional b-sides on side D
not originally released on the LP Available from 18.11.2016
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