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Wednesday, Oct 19 2016 | 11:16
Image: 1607036 Los angeles native, dyed in the wool hooligan zeroh gets loud, technical and strange all over again on his new ten track album TINNITUS [HNR65]. organized noise was haphazardly strung together and embellished amongst 15+ hours of music in a dark smokey garage on little to no sleep. the severity of this raw bludgeoning echoes pain in the heads and ears of your typical everyman in an attempt to bring them to higher state of consciousness. zeroh emanates a low glowing light close to the chest... the one saving grace for this genius god awful cacophony.

written and produced by zeroh

additional vocals on "Gun Metal" by The Koreatown Oddity.
harp & additional vocals on "My Beautiful New Age Nightmare" by Low Leaf

1. Alldayeverything 02:57
2. Sorted 02:34
3. Snakes 01:32
4. Gun Metal (ft. The Koreatown Oddity) 03:37
5. My Beautiful New Age Nightmare (ft. Low Leaf) 04:08
6. Crisis 01:46
7. Nindo 03:09
8. Coves & Caves 02:30
9. Blind 02:31
10. Faith 03:09
Available from 04.11.2016
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