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Wednesday, Oct 19 2016 | 08:16
Image: 1607062 Los Angeles hip-hop group The Kleenrz (Self Jupiter of Freestyle
Fellowship and Kenny Segal of TeamSupreme) are back with their
sophomore release Season Two. The Kleenrzs have put together
another record that falls in the dark film noir setting of their debut,
constructed with an uncompromising lens over Los Angeles culture.
Season Two picks up right where their debut ended, splashing fresh
paint on the canvas and heating things up through raw lyricism and
organic production. 12 new episodes full of blood, mystery, and
mayhem, served with the freshest of hip-hop styles you can find
from this era.
Described by The Kleenrz themselves, “Season Two is left coast,
Southern, dark, messy, beautiful, inventive, cool, fun and frothy.
However, as always with our music, there’s always nuggets of
truths wrapped in with horror that reflects what we see and hear
everyday.” The lyrical storylines on Season Two were solely written
under the guise of Self Jupiter. Kenny Segal lays down creatively
disturbing sample interludes, dynamic multi-instrumentalism and
head nodding snare and kick drum. It’s all formulated under a lush
scheme of cohesion between the two that touches every corner of
hip hop and builds on the creative luminance of their first venture.
Features on Season Two bring together many roots of LA music
culture, including Busdriver, Myka 9, Penthouse Penthouse, Del Tha
Funky Homosapien, D-Styles, Sach, Abstract Rude, AWOL One,
Grouch, and Eligh. Everyone featured brought their uniqueness to
the LP, adding to The Kleenrz legacy in the most proper of ways.
Season Two is absolute heat from Self Jupiter and Kenny Segal,
imaginatively weaving some of the darkest corridors of society
together and giving it a new world to thrive in.

1. Tha Usual Suds-pects
2. The Langoliers
3. First48
4. Revenge Pt.2
5. The Breakup Breakfast (feat. Penthouse Penthouse and D-Styles)
6. Shaniqua (feat. Del Tha Funky Homosapien)
7. Big Bizness
8. Melancholia
9. We Got This
10. Man Overboard (feat. Myka 9 and Busdriver)
11. Aww Yeah (feat. D-Styles)
12. Ghost Recon (feat. Sach, Abstract Rude, AWOL One, Grouch, and Eligh)

• Features Sach, Abstract Rude, AWOL One, The Grouch,
Eligh, Myka 9, Busdriver, Del Tha Funky Homosapien,
• Limited edition of 300
• Includes download card Available from 18.11.2016
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