Wednesday, Oct 19 2016 | 08:16
Image: 1607037 The Content Label, Los Angeles’s ‘experiential’ hip hop imprint, rarely signs an artist based on a demo, but an impressive delivery from Japan recently broke the trend. Recorded by Salty – AKA Tokyo-based producer / videographer Naoya Ninomiya – the demo arrived as a nearly complete object, ready for dissemination to the global hip-hop headz-space. The songs have been mastered by legendary Japanese hip-hop studio engineer ‘The Anticipation Illicit’ Tsuboi and, with Dday One acting as executive producer it is now ready to be unveiled as the thirteen track album Camera. It’s a fantastic audio journey that gives a glimpse into Japanese beat-making prowess while sitting proudly within the instrumental hip hop echelon.

With Camera, Salty showcases a diverse set of styles and an acumen for rhythmic patterns and tone, developed through his years of crate-digging and experimentation. And there are many moments to claim as highlights … “Remonoganac” with its gentle piano, atmospheric textures, and tough beats, the laid-back hip hop funk and scratches of “ADSL”, the smoky downtempo vibe of “The Sea Came At Midnight” is reminiscent of sounds of classic Dj Krush, and “Melting In The Dark” with its cinematic layers and haunting vocal. These all qualify for honors, among other possible choices. With Camera, a compelling portrait of Salty as a rising star on the beat-making scene has emerged and The Content Label is on the case.

1. Come True
2. Doppelganger
4. Boot Pt.2
5. The Thing (Feat. Yagi)
6. We’d Like To Do A Poem
7. The Sea Came In At Midnight
8. Remonoganac
10. We Don’t Know Anything
11. Lifetime Bowler
12. Bindings
13. Melting In The Dark

• Mastered by legendary Japanese hip-hop studio engineer
‘The Anticipation Illicit’ Tsuboi
• Los Angeles based producer Dday One is the executive
• Salty participated in Red Bull Music Academy 2015 (Japan)
as a guest lecturer on the topic of the modern Japanese beat
Available from 18.11.2016
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