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Wednesday, Oct 19 2016 | 08:16
Image: 1607045 Following the release of his limited-edition "Boomerang" EP and his cassette-only album "Special Request," Diamond Ortiz brings you his first full-length LP, "Loveline." His heavy, bounce-laden style carries the album from start to finish, cementing him as California's heir apparent to the gutter synth funk sound which originated from Ohio and found an adopted home out west, where it fit perfectly with the cultures of lowriding and popping/locking. Diamond Ortiz proves on "Loveline," as he has with all of his past efforts, that the sound he is a proponent of is not simply "retro" or "old school" - it has a place in the modern day pantheon of electronic music.

1. (We Go Together Like) Saturday & Sunday
2. Cellular
3. Play It Kool
4. She Chose Me (feat. Crystal Jackson)
5. Love Interest
6. Main Thang
7. If Mama Aint Happy (Aint Nobody Happy)
8. In The Cut Like Whaat (feat. Reality Jonez & John Payne)
9. We Clicked
10. Love Me Up
11. Natural Fun (feat. Moniquea)
12. Irene
13. Get Thru
14. Radio-I-O

• Artist has collaborated with a diverse range of artists from
Polyester The Saint to Rappin 4 Tay to Ronnie Hudson (“West
Coast Pop Lock”)
• Headlining a Modern Funk Fest Presents... event at The Echo
in Los Angeles in December (exact date TBA) Available from 18.11.2016
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