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Wednesday, Oct 12 2016 | 11:08
Image: 1606877 Monologue plays out like a novel, where the Abernathy’s expand
the perception of family over Ab’s expansion of the stripped down
Soul/R&B music we’re used to hearing. Whether he’s playing
piano, wurlitzer, synths, guitar, programming drums, live drums,
or arranging strings and horn lines, Ab’s mastery of musicianship
is on full display through Monologue’s array of colorful, complex
compositions, coupled with his rich, layered vocals.
The album opens with him honoring his parents on the whimsical,
Parliament-influenced selection “Son Of Larry,” followed by the
melodic up-tempo “Favorite Girl.” On both records, he praises his
father and mother and touches on their influence, words of wisdom
and bold love. On the groovy “Bachelorette,” where we’re introduced
to Ab’s pursuit of his high school love interest, the track gets an assist
from long-time collaborators and hip hop heavyweights Phonte and
Black Milk.
Ab displays his sultry edge on the Prince-inspired soul-pop records “I
See You” and “Pretty Kind,” which showcase his raw and playful vocal
lead. Doubt creeps in on the soulful mid-tempo “Play It Cool,” where
he questions if he should profess his love or take the approach of
the track’s title. The landmark moment in his story comes from the
wisdom in his father’s advice to be vulnerable, which leads us into
the brilliant composition and standout ballad “I Need To Know.” Ab
delivers his monologue on the title track, where he acknowledges his
mistakes and revels in his spirituality and newfound wisdom in love.
Monologue is a touching and refreshing album about family,
love, purpose and music. Ab has the ability to make listeners feel
connected, each song taking audiophiles on a trip back to their
childhood and the nostalgic feeling of young love. Whether you’re
a part of the Abernathy family or not, Ab opens the door for you to
come in and visit. After visiting for a little while, you too might find
your Monologue.

1. Son of Larry
2. Favorite Girl
3. Bachelorette (feat Phonte & Black Milk)
4. I See You
5. Pretty Kind
6. Kiss Me Again
7. Play it Cool
8. I Need to Know
9. When Reality Sets In (feat Zo!)
10. Ab is Gone Away (feat Nat Turner)
11. Monologue

• Album features Phonte, Black Milk, Zo!, and Nat Turner
• 14-city tour in EU in December 2016 opening for Black Milk,
following 14-city tour as opening act in April 2015.
• Abernathy has toured heavily as bandleader for Black
Milk and Nat Turner (250+ shows) throughout the US and
EU since 2010. Also previously acted as bandleader and
musical director for Slum Village (2007-2010) and performed
background vocals for Foreign Exchange (2011) Available from 13.01.2017
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