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Friday, Oct 07 2016 | 02:01
Image: 1605416 Funky Destination is an exciting retro-styled funk project formed
by Vladimir Sivc, also known as Mr. Louie. Hailing from the town of
Osijek in eastern Croatia, early on Louie honed his guitar skills and
started developing the funk foundation that would guide his sound. A
move across Croatia to near the Adriatic Sea introduced Louie to new
friends and encounters with turntables and DJ’ing. All of this came
together to create Funky Destination, a full-on ‘party time’ project
fusing live, organic instrumentation alongside classicsounding
beats, sending the dance floor into a nostalgic frenzy.
Funkadelic Stereo Adventures is the latest Funky Destination album
for Cold Busted and it fulfills on the evocative title’s promise. The
set includes ten blazing tunes that bubble with choppy, wah-wah
guitar, swinging drums and percussion, delicious horns and bass
lines, and, occasionally, stirring vocals of the soulful persuasion.
The album’s opener, “The Ocean Of My Mind”, is a prime example
… lovely island-influenced vocals, disco strings, latin-influenced
horns, and booming drums all combine for some serious heat. Other
highlights include the ’70s soundtrack-worthy “Sweet Of Love”, the
hip hop flavor of “The Game Of Shades”, and the gritty high speed
chase of “Where Are The Blues Brothers”. Groove no further …
you’ve reached your destination.

1. The Ocean Of My MInd
2. I Got Soul
3. Sweet Of Love
4. The Journey
5. The Game Of Shades
6. Psychedelic Spaghetti
7. Havana
8. Where Are The Blues Brothers
9. Uh Yeah
10. Mr. Brown’s theme Available from 18.11.2016
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