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Wednesday, Sep 21 2016 | 10:41
Image: 1606525 The collaboration between Piecelock70 & Redef continues! This
time we’re presented with the long-awaited instrumental versions
of People Under The Stairs “The Gettin’ Off Stage, Step 1” EP on
deluxe color vinyl (black & silver blend in extra thick jackets), with
stunning artwork provided by highly respected visual artist Joseph
Buckingham (aka “Joe Buck,” best known for his iconic work for De
La Soul on the “De La Soul is Dead” cover).
The TGOS Instrumental artwork is presented as a trio of unique
covers that connect to form one 36 inch wide illustration. Instrumental
versions of both Steps 1 & 2 are now available individually and word
on the street is that Step 3 vocal & instrumental versions may follow
soon after.

1. 100 Miles (Instrumental)
2. Runaway (Instrumental)
3. #asapfreedumwillyum$ (Instrumental)
1. SaturdayAgain (Instrumental)
2. Alleys (Bada) (Instrumental)
3. The Love (Instrumental)

• Latest collaboration between the newly formed partnership of
Piecelock70 / Redefinition
• Deluxe color vinyl: Black & silver blend in extra thick jackets.
• High fidelity sound via DMM Mastering Process
• Limited Edition first pressing of just 600 units total
• Part 1 of a 3 LP collection, each features a unique cover by
legendary designer Joe buck (De La Soul Is Dead). The 3
covers connect to form the full illustration Available from 07.10.2016
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