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Friday, Sep 16 2016 | 04:36
Image: 1605931 Agogo present Good Life the soulful debut album from Seraleez.

CD Tracklisting :
01. Good Life
02. Jack & Tom
03. Lala Land
04. Darkness
05. My Pride
06. Shut Up
07. Fear Me
08. One Chance
09. The Only One
10. My Man
11. Brotherhood

LP Tracklisting :
A1. Good Life
A2. Jack & Tom
A3. Lala Land
A4. Darkness
B1. My Pride
B2. Shut Up
B3. The Only One
B4. My Man
B5. Brotherhood


Seraleez's debut album, "Good Life" is a soulful collection of poetic revelations and
personal experiences set in an eclectic soundscape of hypnotic Hip Hop grooves and
iridescent Jazz harmonies. Their songs reveal and confess the essences of inner and outer
revolutions as one strives towards the "Good Life".
With sophisticated harmonies, soulful vocals, heavy hip hop beats and electronic nuances,
Seraleez defines a new and unique flavor for the genres of Jazz and Soul. Through the
fusion of classic and contemporary influences, Seraleez creates it’s own sound for the
In the spring of 2010, four young German Jazz musicians in Dresden were brought together
by their untypical love for hip-hop beats. Finding inspiration in bands and artists like Robert
Glasper, The Roots, RH Factor, J. Dilla, Erykah Badu and Lauryn Hill these four musicians
began experimenting with Jazz and Hip Hop fusion. With the addition of electronic sounds
and a powerful vocalist from NYC, Seraleez evolved into the style of future soul.
Christine Seraphin (also known as Sera Kalo) is a Caribbean-American singer and
songwriter born to St. Lucian and Dominican parents and raised on the east coast of the
United States. After studying classical piano for nearly 12 years, she began singing and
later went to college in New York to begin her musical studies in piano and voice. Parallel
to her studies that introduced her to jazz and classical vocal styles, at home, Christine grew
up listening to calypso, reggae, soul, rock and pop music. After graduating and moving to
Germany in 2009, she founded and performed with musically diverse ensembles and has
made solo performances on international television programs, in stadiums and arenas
across the country. Her most current band, Seraleez was founded in 2010 celebrating
Future Soul (a fusion of Soul, Hip Hop and Jazz).
GOOD LIFE - Good Life is about celebrating life and the choice to stay positive even when things
become challenging. It's about maintaining faith and realizing that if you take care of your world, your
world will take care of you.
JACK & TOM - Jack & Tom is about making an important life decision. Are you going to follow the rules
that are set before you, or will you break them and create your own?
LALA LAND - LaLa Land is about the dreams we have as children and the meaning they have as we
remember them as adult. LaLa Land describes a place where you feel free to let go of your inhibitions,
go with the flow, and allow the obstacles you face to become the driving force that leads you to your
MY PRIDE - My Pride is about self confidence and references the social, political and personal
representation of Afro-hair. For many years, it was unacceptable for Black women to wear their hair
naturally in western society. This song is about realizing our beauty despite what other people think,
loving ourselves, and presenting ourselves with pride.
ONE CHANCE - Once Chance is about living life to the fullest, accepting all the little blessings that your
environment has to offer you and following your dreams.
DARKNESS - Darkness describes the multiple personalities of people. In the light we can be one way,
and in the darkness we can be another. In this song, the darkness allows this person to reveal their
THE ONLY ONE - The Only one describes the contradiction between being the only one physically, but
not being the only one to experience whatever situation that person is going through. It's about the
comfort and discomfort when someone tells you, "You're not the only one."
SHUT UP - Shut Up is about generational conflict within societies. It's about old tradition vs. new
tradition. It's about the conflict that occurs when the process of change begins. It's about the challenge of
listening to one another and knowing when to speak up or ... shut up!
FEAR ME - Fear me is a song that personifies loneliness. It talks about the fear of being lonely and
what couples may do sometimes to avoid the feeling of loneliness.
BROTHERHOOD - Brotherhood talk about devices that were used to separate humans and argues that
the things that divide us are sometimes the very same things that combine us and bring us together. It
wishes for no more fear towards one another and the realization that we need each other to live and
make the world better.
MY MAN - My man is about a girlfriend who has very wanted boyfriend and is letting her competition
know that this man is taken ,) Available from 28.10.2016
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