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Friday, Sep 09 2016 | 04:24
Image: 1606284 Chicago producers Scud One (Cult Classic, The Dirty Science™,
2013/2014) and T-White (The Gift Vol. V, Street Corner Music™,
2014) have been working together musically for the last four years.
Scud One is a producer and lyricist whose work on Cult Classic and
Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid - alongside artist Denmark Vessey - was
called“organic and thoughtful, political and soulful, and without being
quirky or removed from the streets” (Daniel Isenberg -,
Complex Magazine). Scud One has worked with artists including
Quelle Chris, Guilty Simpson, and Exile, among others. T-White is
a music producer, and animator whose record debut was the fifth
volume in the ten-volume “The Gift” series compiled by House Shoes
(Street Corner Music™). He has produced for Denmark Vessey on
Don’t Drink The Kool-Aid and 2015’s Martin Lucid Dream, T-White
produced the single “Don’t Smoke K2” which was featured on NPR’s
“Songs We Love”.
“STEVEN TYLER” - a title derived from the combination of both
artists first names . Scud One (Steven) and T-White (Tyler) focus
on the integration of beats, interludes and spoken-word comedy
skits delivered with absurd - and sometimes sardonic - wit. It’s a
packed album, filled with colorful sounds, spacey artwork and
irreverent humor throughout. As a collaborative effort, it showcases
the strengths of both its producers, and makes for a unique blend.
“STEVEN TYLER’ is being sponsored by “Chroncierge”. “STEVEN
TYLER” will be released on both vinyl, and cassette, and thanx to
Chroncierge both will be green! Chroncierge will also be putting out
a limited time strain called “Scudzy White” in support of the album.
“Steven Tyler is hard as fuck.” - House Shoes

1. Intro (skit)
2. That Funk That Groove
3. Mig
4. One Day
5. Bad Neck
6. Aqua Lean
7. Lost Land
8. Crowned King
9. WBPM Rock Radio (skit)
10. Crux
11. Go On Walkin
12. Man Made
13. Dadaism
14. Get Off The Stage (skit)
15. Rudeboy Moving Co.
16. Feel Like Runnin
17. Stand-Up (skit)
18. Danger Punch
19. And Now
20. Leon Breeze
21. Bull
22. Backstage Pass (skit)
23. Meditation
24. Try Me
25. Tiny Trees
26. Rich As F**k (outro)

• Scud One has worked, notably, with artists Quelle Chris, Guilty
Simpson, and Exile, among others.
• T-White is a producer, animator and video director and has
been eatured on NPR’s “Songs We Love” Available from 21.10.2016
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