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Feb 23, 2018
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Friday, Sep 09 2016 | 04:24
Image: 1606283 As her 1st official self-release under her own label, Creator DIY, Low
Leaf has produced a distinguishable record that not only establishes
her prowess as a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, but
also demonstrates her ability to execute her vision as a completely
self-sustained artist in a lane all of her own creation.
Inspired by Psalm 57:8 which reads, “Wake up, my heart! Wake up,
O lyre & harp! I will wake the dawn with my song”, Palm Psalms is
a collection of compositions written to plant seeds of light and truth
within the soul of the world. Rooted in an experimental approach to
singer-songwriting, the record is organically held together with all live
instrumentation and free form orchestration. Low Leaf’s strongest
and most resolved work yet, her songwriting on the harp, keys, and
guitar are supported by live string arrangements, eclectic rhythms,
analog synths, and soaring wind instruments that guide the listener
though her
universal lyrics, and uplift one to a state of hopefulness and divine
Low Leaf shares her most refined album to date, which explores
uncharted territory with the electric harp in contemporary music,
blended with her signature style of unrestricted experimentation
and natural ear for songwriting. Palm Psalms is truly a milestone of
a record in Low Leaf’s ever-evolving repertoire- one that distinctly
shines as a unique and authentic light throughout the musical
landscape of today, and of all time.

1. Space Foreva
2. Psychlez
3. Dreaming Awake
4. Pupil of the Universe
5. Protons
6. Cleansing Incantation
7. Blood Moon
8. Inlight
9. Latent Bliss
10. God Frequency
11. It is Within
12. Sun Psalm
13. Humble Coda
Bonus Vinyl Tracks:
1. Soular Spaceship
2. Pluto’s Periphery
3. Angel Wash

• Low Leaf’s 1st official self-release under her own label,
Creator DIY
• Written, performed, and produced by Low Leaf
• Features all live instrumentation from artists in LA + The
• Key media features include: LA Record, LA Weekly, SPIN,
FACT Mag, Consequence of Sound,
• Okayplayer, Colorlines
• Features three exclusive vinyl-only tracks!
Available from 21.10.2016
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