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Friday, Sep 09 2016 | 07:24
Image: 1606352 Brand new addition to the ever growing Transatlantyk catalogue. After an excursion into the hot, equatorial waters of Transafryka, the fleet went back up north to visit Europe's busiest port and meet with Freux.

He comes from the same creative crew from Poznan that brought you such talents as Selvy and Newborn Jr. Nowadays this young graphic designer spends his days in Rotterdam's district of Delfshaven, after which this EP is named.

A mix of 90's deep House influences, strong sense of humour and unusual musical sensibility guarantees a sure shot winner.

The strong groove of 'Bernie' is build on a scatting vocal loop, soon joined by ethereal synths and funky slap bass. Borderline cheesy sax line completes the picture, which is like an ocean in the sunny, windy afternoon - soothing but never sleepy.

Coming up next is 'GHT', inspired equally by 1990's New York and 2016's Vancouver sounds. Ambient soundscapes and chilly melodies are set off to pumping drums and looped basslines.

The club mix of 'Step' offers a similar sound palette, enriched by mallet percussion. A fantastic soundtrack to any leisure activities. The ambient mix takes the original idea into one of Rotterdam's coffeeshops, the one where they show a surf movie in slow-mo on a constant loop.

Jump and wave.

B2. STEP (AMBIENT MIX) Available from 21.10.2016
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