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Friday, Sep 02 2016 | 04:16
Image: 1605658 Danish producer Uffe Christensen returns to Tartelet Records with his second LP 'No!', a deeply personal LP to follow 2015's debut 'Radio Days'

A1. No!
A2. Lesser-Known Values
A3. Fridge Magnet Radio Theme
A4. I Care For You
B1. Come On Try
B2. Keep Smiles On The Side
B3. Next to You
B4. Black Hole
C1. Jump Into
C2. Solo, So Loud
D1. The Fact
D2. You Seem Happy
D3. From Me

Bonus 7’ (with first 500 pcs only!)
A1. Keep Smiles (Dub)
B1. From Me (Dub)

Danish producer Uffe Christensen returns to Tartelet Records with
his second LP 'No!', a deeply personal LP to follow 2015's
unanimously unfuckwithable debut 'Radio Days'. Every bit as
abundant as his first, it's a record that scales polyrhythmic
percussion, improvised jazz, & billowing ballads. This, that and so
much more, it's a triumph of one man's instinctive ear –– and
should be consumed in one sitting.
A year after his dynamic debut 'Radio Days', Uffe resurfaces on Tartelet
with a record cut in the same spirit as the last: a borderless approach to
music-making with organic instrumentation at its heart. Genres collide
peaceably ––off-beat soul with jazz, hip-hop with the heft of house––
and are melded smooth with an earthy warmth. Like nearly all at camp
Tartelet, he's a producer who is more interested in cutting loose than
playing to the tune of dominant modes in dance music. In that, his
album's title is instructive: a 'no' to the tyranny of trends, to slavish
Facebook likes, to creative compromise. Beyond the babble of fleeting
fads, Uffe enjoys his place on the perimeter –– an outlier searching
critically for something closer to a timeless groove.
Uffe has all of the intuition of the self-taught instrumentalist, following
his ear into unexpected rhythmic and tonal combinations. It's what gives
the album its urgent appeal: the sound of tentative experiments being
made live, of sequences improvised amongst friends. Far from a churn
of simple floor fodder, the album is a journey through a
consummate narrative. Shy guitar interlude 'Fridge Magnet Radio
Theme' feels its way out of the warbling jazz breakdown in 'Lesser
Known Values'. 'The Fact', an unexpected vocal ballad, follows the
broken beat of 'Solo, So Loud'. With the record's pleading closer 'From
Me', it's a story with a start, middle, and end. A long player as long
players should be.
As Tartelet continue their run of consistently solid EPs & 12"s, it's still
these album moments that remain the best gateways into the label's
distinctive sound. Alongside Max Graef's debut 'Rivers of the Red
Planet' and Glenn Astro's 'Throwback', Uffe's 'No' is a mirror to the
Tartelet spirit and sits amongst the imprint's best. For lovers of the true
album –– the full-length proper, the one-take listen –– this one's for you.

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