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Friday, Sep 02 2016 | 04:16
Image: 1605807 Lost gem from Luaka Bop back on wax for the first time in years.


1. Defect 1: Gene
2. Defect 2: Curiosidade
3. Defect 3: Politicar
4. Defect 4: Emere
5. Defect 5: O Olho Do Lago
6. Defect 6: Esteticar
7. Defect 7: Dancar
8. Defect 8: Onu, Arma Mortal
9. Defect 9: Juventude Javali
10. Defect 10: Cedotardar
11. Defect 11: Tangolomango
12. Defect 12: Valsar
13. Defect 13: Burrice
14. Defect 14: Xiquexique


The esthetic of the fabrication defect will re-utilize the sonorous civilized trash (Everyday Symphony), be they conventional or unconventional instruments (for example: toys, cars, whistles, saws, Hertz Orchestra, street noises, etc.) – all of this put into a rhythmic or dance music format, with choruses, and within the parameters of popular music.

It will recycle an alphabet of emotions contained in songs and musical symbols of the First World, that sealed each marked step of our affective and emotional life. They will be put to use in small “cells” of “plagiarized” material. This deliberate practice unleashes an esthetic of plagiarism, an esthetic of arrastâo* that ambushes the universe of the well-known and traditional music. We are at the end, thus, of the composer’s era, inaugurating the PLAGI-COMBINATOR era.


The Third World has a huge and rapidly increasing population. These people have been converted into a kind of “androids, ” almost always analphabetics. It has happened here in Brazil – in the slums of Rio, São Paulo and the Northeast of Brazil, and in the Third World in general. But these “androids” reveal some inborn “defects”: they think, dance and dream – things that are very dangerous to the First World Bosses.

Let me explain: In the eyes of the First World, we in the Third World who think these things, and who explore our reality on the planet are like “androids” who are essentially defective.

To have ideas – to compose, for instance – is to dare. In the dawn of history, the idea of gathering vegetable fibers and inventing the art of weaving took great courage. To think will always be considered an affront.

* ARRASTÂO – A dragnet, technique used in urban robbery. A small group fan out and then run furiously through a crowd, taking people’s money, jewelry, bags, sometimes even clothes.

translator’s note: A type of “wilding” with a purpose, i.e. robbery. Available from 14.10.2016
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