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Friday, Jul 29 2016 | 08:20
Image: 1605480 17 years since the inception of the group, the duo’s tenth project
reflects back on the path less traveled and distills their unique blend
of funk into this - the second of a series of 6 song EP’s that outline
their long journey to arrive at The Gettin’ Off Stage. Join the duo as
they resurrect for an encore after a very real run in with mortality.
Super high quality, deluxe packaging via a collaboration / joint
venture between Redefinition Records & Thes One’s Piecelock70!

New EP from legendary LA Hip-Hop duo, People Under The

Deluxe packaging includes extra thick jackets, case-wrapped
with high gloss artwork (aka hand-made, tip-on jackets) +
2-tone black & white blended color vinyl (a-side / b-side style,
so each record is unique)

Second release in a series of three individual EPs which form
group’s 3rd album (Step 1 vinyl was released on the group’s
website and completely sold out)

1. Back From The Dead
2. Graffiti On A High School Wall
3. Feels Good
1. Nightrunners
2. STE For Superheroes
3. After These Messages
Performed by Thes One & Double K
Produced by Thes One Available from 26.08.2016
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