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Friday, Jul 22 2016 | 02:13
Image: 1604658 Renegades of Jazz present their third album Moyo Wangu.

CD Tracklisting :
01 Afro Cookie
02 Moto Moto
03 Benath This African Blue
04 Harambee feat Jungle Fire Horns
05 Moyo Wangu feat. Hugo Kant
06 Them Who Walk Slow
07 Karibu Tena
08 Zebra Talk feat. Kabanjak
09 Jamboree
10 Majirani Yako Kelele
11 Jazz Makossa
12 Prison Island

It's the year 2016 and David Hanke, widely recognized under his moniker
Renegades Of Jazz, is back with his third full-on longplay effort entitled 'Moyo
After his conceptual and darker approach to his last album 'Paradise Lost'
released in 2015, we see Renegades Of Jazz explore the world of Afrofunk
here, a world David Hanke is deeply linked to since he spent an influential part of
his childhood in Arusha/Tanzania in the early 1980s .
Due to being exposed to the sound of this East African metropolis throughout his
early childhood days the love for any kind of African rhythm signatures and vibes
has stuck to this day and is now reflected in the twelve tracks on the album
'Moyo Wangu' - a Swahili expression that translates as 'My heart' and perfectly
describes where his heart is at.
Already having introduced the audience to his love of all things Afro with the
exclusive non-album track 'Tempo Tempo' that was featured on the 'Hits Agogo
One' compilation earlier this year as well as with the first single release of the
album 'Afro Cookie', a modern Afrofunk anthem with a distinctive twist that does
not only refer to David Hanke's personal linkage to Africa but also can be seen
as the origin and starting point of the musical journey we're about to experience
'Moto Moto' musically depicts the hot, vibrant feel of a jam-packed dancefloor
throughout an amazing night out, 'Beneath This African Blue' brings on sweet
midtempo grooves and the captivating 'Harambee' (Let's work together) reflects
the rhythm and reiterativeness of working together featuring the brass section of
the Los Angeles-based Jungle Fire outfit who add their special heat.
The albums title track 'Moyo Wangu' caters uplifting Afrofunk at its best and sees
Marseille-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Hugo Kant delivering some
thrilling flute action with a Jazz-infused twist whilst 'Them Who Walk Slow' is on a
more laid back and tropical tip.
With 'Karibu Tena' - Swahili for 'Welcome Back (Again)' – David Hanke returns
to his spiritual home in a joyful, polyrhythmic way, 'Zebra Talk' is another
collaborational effort featuring producer and multi-instrumentalist Kabanjak, also
known for his works on other projects like Deela and as part of the Ancient
Astronauts duo. The touching vibe of 'Jamboree' resembles the overwhelming joy
and heartfelt spirit of gatherings and festivities.
'Majirani Yako Kelele' works bubbling dancefloors with a complex swing, 'Jazz
Makossa' amalgamates influences taken from highly Jazz-infused Makossa
music and their traditional call & response techniques to a thrilling effect and
finally 'Prison Island' concludes the album with a sweet yearning and laid back
melancholia referring to the legend and history of a small island, also known as
Changuu or Kibandiko, located only a few miles off shore of the beautiful
Zanzibar Archipelago. Available from 02.09.2016
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