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Friday, Jul 08 2016 | 02:00
Image: 1604740 “…his unique sound … has caught the attention of Diplo, The
Prodigy, Rinse FM and many more, making him one of the most
exciting electronic producers South Africa has to offer.” –
“… his fusion of hip-hop and electronica have … begun to
make Muzi a household name” – ELLE
A bold, eclectic fusion of hip hop and electronica, MUZI’s
hard-hitting sonic approach remains deeply inspired by his
upbringing, a tale of striving through adversity in the South
African township of Empangeni, north east of Durban:
“Violence definitely played a major role in my life. Things
happen in the townships like mine. There isn't any community
watch or anything remotely close to something like that. That's
why I had to stay indoors most of the time and that gave me
time to work on my music. As for the social healing bit, I hope it
does one day. Privileged kids grow up being told they can be
and do anything they want. We never had that, my family has
always been in survival mode and I hope that one day, my
achievements inspire other kids with similar backgrounds” .

01 / A1 Ekhaya
02 / A2 Boom Shaka
03 / A3 Township Mosaic
04 / A4 Ukusa
05 / A5 Sweat
06 / A6 Shaman
07 / B1 Nizogcwala VIP
08 / B2 Hallo
09 / B3 Switch Up
10 / B4 Khululeka
11 / B5 WTF You Mean

• Debut album from South African artist Muzi
• Features alongsdie Stormzy in Noisey's 'From South London to South Africa' video feature
• Fire FX EP gained support from The Prodigy, Diplo and Mad DEcent, Foreign Beggars, OWSLA and Rinse FM

Diplo, Major Lazer, Foreign Beggars, Skrillex Available from 19.08.2016
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