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Monday, Jul 04 2016 | 07:56
Image: 1604971 Boston beat boi Tanner Ross is finally back, with another embodiment of his signature take on future EFUNK. Ranging from creamy nostalgic R&B featuring PillowTalk, Slow Hands and Jesse Rennix to tripped out weirdness in collaboration with Lonely C and 80s synthesis romance with Jules Born, the 'Straight To The Moon EP' on Double Standard will take you from palm-fringed Miami sands to deep outer space.

Across five originals (Side A and B on pure white 10") and two instrumentals, Tanner Ross once again casts his sonic spell with a master class in originality with support from select members of the Wolf + Lamb collective, having already made his artistic footprint on labels W+L and No.19. First song on the EP 'The Blame Game' featuring Slow Hands, PillowTalk and Jesse Rennix, is smooth and warm as melted cocoa butter and rides on a sweet soulful melody reminiscent of 80s hip hop and Dam Funk, a blissful hazy groove and authentic vocals from San Fran's finest PillowTalk and Jesse Rennix.

Second song is summer groover 'Frequent Flyer' featuring one half of rising duo Voices of Black, Jules Born. Heavy on 70s/80s analogue synths full of soul and charm, this is sun-soaked electro funk for top-down cruising.

Title track 'Straight To The Moon' leads the way into more spacey territory, relishing a menacing low-end as an indolent percussive roll carries rushing synths and cosmic FX. 'Straight To Mexico' treads more softly with hypnotic electronic pools and chugging beats as the quirky bassline drives the melody. 'Chillin In Yo Bed', featuring vocals from Soul Clap's Lonely C, sticks with the metronomic pace and unfolds in a tale of trippy desire, shaped by a vintage synth fixation.

1.The Blame Game (feat. Slow Hands, PillowTalk & Jesse Rennix)
2. Frequent Flyer
3. Straight To The Moon
4. Straight To Mexico Available from 08.07.2016
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