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Wednesday, Jun 29 2016 | 07:52
Image: 1604918 Contains all 4 of Karl Hector’s
limited edition EP’s: Tamanrasset,
Ngugna Yeti Fofa, Coomassi and
Ka Rica-Tar.
Following their deft handling of
musics from Eastern and Northern
Africa alongside Western
psychedelia, jazz and funk on
Unstraight Ahead, Karl Hector & The
Malcouns combine the previously
available only on vinyl tracks from four
EP’s – Tamanrasset, Ngugna Yeti
Fofa, Coomassi and Ka Rica-Tar —
into an album as Krautrock as Afro
Beat, as Multi-Culti-Psychedelic as
Deep Funk.

A1. El Gusto
A2. Tamanrasset
A3. M’ammath (Live)
B1. Girma’s Lament
B2. Wajeerta Hoose (The Lower Wajeer)

A1. Samai Thaquil (Adapted)
A2. Transition >AB1. Circles
B2. N’gunga Yeti Fofa
B3. Can’t Stand The Pressure

A1. Omebele (Reprise)
A2. The Cave
A3. Beyond Squares
A4. Chess Break
B1. Coomassi
B2. Irtijal
B3. Medium Rare Pt. 1

A1. Kingdom Of D’mt
A2. Leaaleh
A3. Transition >XA4. Shangold
A5. Ka Rica-Tar
B1. Transition >FB2. Dege Dub
B3. Transition >GB4. The Funk (Happysad)
B5. Orange Available from 22.07.2016
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