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Saturday, Jun 11 2016 | 06:23
Image: 1604597 (Emcee) M.I. and producer DJ Cutt return a year after releasing the
critically acclaimed “Avant Garde” with a new album and concept.
The duo, who have further developed their creative enterprises to
incorporate film production as part of their ever expanding SIX2SIX
organization, have drawn from their respective Italian and Russian
heritages to adopt the personas of Luciano and Lansky in the new
album “Omerta”.
Describing the approach, M.I. explains “It’s to put a little of the fun
back into hip hop, not just throwing out beats and bars. A return to
the days where the focus was on entertainment, relating imaginative
stories and putting more emphasis on actual songwriting.”
The 13 tracks are a series of vignettes set in a metaphorical criminal
underworld They depict familiar times, events and cultural reference
points as a formula for conveying parallel meaning.
Such imagery has been used by rappers for decades, eager to
portray a glorified vision of themselves, but M.I. is a man on a
different mission, adding “I’m not endorsing a lifestyle or suggesting
this is who I am in any literal sense. I wanted to address this subject
in a more intelligent way, compare mindsets and situations in a
broader dynamic.”

2. Newspaper Man
3. Bada Bing
4. So Underrated
5. Plata O Plomo
6. I-95
7. Make My Bones
8. Sparks Steakhouse
9. Delorean
10. Fuklinski
11. Reign Storms
12. Untitled
13. We Up Tho Available from 12.08.2016
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