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Wednesday, Jun 01 2016 | 06:09
Image: 1604397 Golf Channel Label Boss Phil South interviews Aaron Coyes of Peaking Lights about his new project PLSD:

This is a new nom de guerre for you. What's the reason behind that?

it started as a way i could go out and test out peaking lights songs live get them sorted for the live show. i ended up having a lot of fun getting in to dubbing the tracks much more than when we play as a duo and kind of writing stuff with a more instrumental vibe as opposed to around the vocals. i'm always writing and not all of it is that vocal friendly but still dig it so this has become an outlet for all the stuff that "doesn't work" and i have a lot of fun playing on a large sound system and cranking the shit out of it!

What is the PLSD concept?

to be the band that plays when the party is over

When was the last time you took acid? or psychedelics in general?

i got fully sober in august of 2012 before my second kid. i haven't done psychedelics since 2011, but if i was going to do drugs again i would be doing psychedelics, they are my favorite...most likely a steady diet of low dose mushrooms on the weekdays with a boost on the weekend for fun.

I loved seeing the nerdy details of your recording process on instagram one time. Can you give us some fun info about how this was recorded?

oh man, can i get super nerdy here... i've been using a lot of 1/4 tape and reverse cassette tape stuff in tunes recently almost all the pads on these are made from layered reversed cassette tape from a 4 track. the drum sounds are all made from scratch usually combining multiple drum, drum machine or noise machines in to a single sound, but i'll also use reverse tapes for weird affect in the drums... i try my best to get all the phasing out but sometimes i like it when it's wrong...i have the reverbs set up on these tracks as 2 mono full right and full left and whatever plays on that side uses the corresponding reverb... i can't fully remember what else went down, these songs are like a year and a half or two years old now but probably some other tricks and tests...

What do the titles mean to you?

Originally i had a bunch of different names i was going thru for the project normalized was one of the names i settled on, hence the name for the track. ended up going with PLSD... spacewalking just felt like that kind of oddity...

You have rad records and seem to dig a lot. Can you give us a few examples of tunes that influenced these?

there was a point and sometimes i still get in this zone where i get locked on a sound and try and replicate the sounds, not so much with these though they came out having a feeling of being influenced. i just went in the studio and tried to let out whatever came out to me i hear a lot of stuff i grew up with in both the tracks not anything really "cool, obscure or hip" but stuff my parents were jamming when i was a kid, filtered in this weird way. the only intention i had while writing was to try and make dance music that was not "dance music" and not over 105bpm but still had a groove ... maybe like, kool & the gang meet grover washington jr. for lunch at michael mcdonald's and herbie hancock and wally badarou stop by unannounced??? but with much less musical proficiency of course

Will PLSD be going on the road?

yes, working hard on getting my shit together to make this reality : )

What do you think of the LAPD?

don't want no hassle Available from 04.11.2016
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