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Friday, Apr 29 2016 | 02:26
Image: 1603773 BLKTOP PROJECT returns with Concrete Jungle, dropping in
June. The band formed by legendary skateboarders Ray
Barbee , Tommy Guerrero, Matt Rodriguez, Chuck Treece
and bass player Josh Lippi delivers a one-of-a-kind album
dedicated to those who roll !

1. Strut and swagger
2. And the stylus followed
3. Folk and fiction
4. Stick and move
5. Shrine on
6. Year of the drum
7. In the moment
8. The light to get by
9. Esto forttis !
10. A new line
11. Fall and rise

The experimental band known as BLKTP PROJECT first came about when skateboard magazine Slap
organized a tour in the summer of 2002 for Ray Barbee, Tommy Guerrero and Matt Rodriguez, three of the
most accomplish skateboarders ever who also happen to love making music.
Their road trip retraced the route of the legendary Blues Highway from Chicago to New Orleans. The trio then
divided their time on the road between skating and recording improvised music sessions.
The enxt incarnation of BLKTOP PROJECT came in 2005, when Chuck Treece, another legendary skater,
joined Barbee, Guerrero and Rodriguez on drums.
The result of all these improvised collaborations are stunning and infectious tunes that owe as much to
California’s cool jazz of the 1950s as to San Francisco’s latin soul scene of the early 1970s, with Chicagostyled
postrock thrown in for good measure. All in all, a real treat.
In January 2016, Ray Barbee, Chuck Treece, Matt Rodriguez, Tommy Guerrero, joined by bass player Josh
Lippi hit Ruminator Audio in San Francisco for a free-flowlive-style recording session. The quintet jammed for
four days, fleshing out ideas and different feels. They set up as though they were rehearsing : drums, amps,
percussion and more all in the same room to capture a more live/in-the-moment feel.
“None of the tunes had set forms or lengths. We rolled on instinct and improvisation. Two days later we
emerged with Concrete Jungle, a rump-shakin' soul-stirrin' blktop-surfin' documentation of sonic blood 'n'
sweat! This album is dedicated to those who roll! “ Available from 17.06.2016
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