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Friday, Apr 22 2016 | 08:20
Image: 1603767 Experience the exceedingly rare genius of an MF DOOM live
performance with these exclusive “straight from the soundboard”
audio recordings. Broadcasting from an undisclosed location, this
limited-edition vinyl pressing of “Live From Planet X” offers fans a
chance to own the most comprehensive glance into Doom’s lengthy
career available.
Debuting under the alias Zev Love X, DOOM first graced the world
of hip-hop on the 3rd Bass single “The Gas Face.” A couple years
later Zev re-emerged alongside his younger brother DJ Subroc, in
New York’s legendary KMD. The group’s first album Mr. Hood was
released in 1991 on Elektra Records but KMD was quickly dropped
from the record label when, in the wake of Subroc being killed by a
car, they returned in ‘93 with an unflinching attitude and an album
titled “Bl_ck B_st_rds”. Deeply affected by his brother’s tragic death,
while also carrying a grudge against the industry that screwed him,
Zev disappeared from the rap scene for five years. It wasn’t until
1999, that Zev suddenly reemerged, face masked, as MF DOOM
with his 1999 solo debut and underground classic “Operation:
Since then DOOM has completely reinvented the indie-rap landscape
with a string of offbeat projects under an array of monikers: Metal
Fingers, Viktor Vaughn, King Geedorah, Monsta Island Czars,
Madvillain, DangerDOOM, NehruivanDOOM, and more. “Live From
Planet X” includes over 50 minutes of live recordings spanning
Operation Doomsday, Madvillain, MM...Food?, and more.

• MF DOOM is one of the top-selling independent artists in hiphop history, but his life remains shrouded in mystery, and live performances are increasingly rare.
• “Live From Planet X” is a historic document: a fullly-realized, vibrant, engaging live stage performance from this enigmatic genius, captured in pristine audio at an important moment in his career.
• This is the first DOOM live record to ever be available on vinyl

1. Change The Beat
2. Name Dropping
3. Greenbacks
4. Go With The Drawls
5. Gas Flows
6. Operation Doomsday
7. Hey!
8. Accordian
9. Great Day
10. Rhymes Like Dimes
11. I Hear Voices
12. My Favorite Ladies
13. One Beer
14. Fine Print Available from 20.05.2016
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