Friday, Apr 22 2016 | 02:20
Image: 1603517 Kwaidan presents Invisible 1 the new album from Brisa Roche.

01 / A1 Lit Accent
02 / A2 Echo Of What I Want
03 / A3 Night Bus
04 / A4 Baby Come Over
05 / A5 Groupie
06 / A6 A Minute
07 / B1 Disco
08 / B2 You Like A Fire
09 / B3 Each One Of Us
10 / B4 Diamond Snake
11 / B5 Walk With Me
12 / B6 Vinylize
13 / B7 Find Me

Invisible 1’ it’s sometimes good to keepadmirers at a distance. For her “come-back” album, Brisa Roché follows this rule to the letter.
After four albums in France, she returned to her native California — not the one with six-lane highwaysand palm trees, but the one up north, where mountain lions roam, and sequoi as tower. There, hiddenin her home-studio, she channeled song after song, inspired by tracks arriving from producers all over the world. Some sent sound hoping to re-provoke songwriting in the vein of jazz-singer. Brisa freshly arrived in France the moment the Twin Towers fell, who haunted the stages of Parisian caves with a high shadowy voice, forcing journalists to compare her to Billie Holiday. Others sent what revealed a preference for the avant-gardism of “Mystery Man” off of her first record on Blue Note, that transported fans with pop as daring as it was sweet. Still other composers sent tracks they hoped would prolong the sound they loved in her hits “Whistle”and “Call Me”, from her psych-folk period.
But of course, Brisa did not revisit the past. She invented a future, a space-time exercise, creating songs across thousands of miles, across musical genres, where a voice springs as easily from a computer, an applauded stage, ora virgin forest.
The album INVISIBLE 1 is titled such because anything is possible when limitations imposed by a studio setting are discarded, when judgments and timidity are veiled by distance, when collaborations multiply across the waves, when intimacy with strangers makes art.

For fans of: Cat Power, Joni Mitchell, Michael Jackson, Prince

Key selling points:
Brisa Roché’s 4th album, powerful and complex vocal arrangements, a free and sensitive sound

2016 Marks both American singer-songwriter Brisa Roché’s return to europe and annonce the release of a new album ‘INVISIBLE1’ made between California and Paris

Includes collaboration with Nick Zinner (yeah yeah yeahs) and productions by Black Joy (yellow productions) and Thibaut Barbillon (nouvelle vague, Jb Dunkel)

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Available from 03.06.2016
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