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Thursday, Apr 21 2016 | 08:20
Image: 1601975 In February of 2001, a young up and coming producer by the name of J Rawls released his first album titled “The Essence of….” The seminal album from the producer who would go on to produce for the likes of Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Beastie Boys, Us3 and many more featured a myriad of guests from the burgeoning underground hip hop scene. The album would go on to become a favorite among beat enthusiasts and lyric heads alike.

In accordance with RECORD STORE DAY (April 16, 2106), Rawls is set to re-release this classic on vinyl only with brand new added previously unreleased BONUS songs recorded around the same as the songs from the album. The bonus songs include never before heard material from Talib Kweli, Makeba Mooncycle, Doseone, Rubix, Wordsworth and more. The album also features a new cover and new artwork taken from the same photo sessions as the original album.

"Essence of J.Rawls" was the first solo album release from J Rawls. (producer for Blackstar (Mos Def and Talib Kweli, J Live, Beastie Boys, Aloe Blacc, Eric Roberson and Casual of Hieroglyphics)

· The album includes the hits “Check The Clock” featuring Grap Luva, of the group INI (Elektra) and Pete Rock’s younger brother, “Far Away” featuring Apani B Fly Emcee & Mr.Complex

· “The Essence Of J.Rawls” features MC’s J.Live, J.Sands, Grap Luva, Mass Influence, Apani B Fly Emcee, Mr.Complex, Unspoken Heard, Rubix, Capital D (All Natural), and more.

· PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS SONGS: “We” featuring Talib Kweli and Makeba Mooncycle, “Listening” featuring Doseone, “Aquarias” featuring BJ Digby, Rubix & Wordsworth, “I Said It” featuring Columbus, Ohio Legendary Hip Hop group S.P.I.R.I.T.

· All PREVIOUSLY UNRELEASED BONUS SONGS were recording during this vintage time period when other songs were being recorded for the album.

· Featuring a brand new UNRELEASED song titled “RIO REMIX” performed by J Rawls as a follow up to Rawls’ final SOLO album THE LEGACY.

Side 1 
1 What You Want (performed by Pase La Rock)
2 Super Hero (performed by Mass Influence)
3 Birds of a Feather (performed by Top Emcees)
4 Elegy (performed by Rubix)
5 Great Live Caper (performed by J Live)

Side 2
6 Meniscus (performed by Doseone & Fat Jon of the Five Deez)
7 Blue #2 (performed by Holmskillit)
8 Cold Turkey (performed by Capital D of All Natural & Mr. Greenweedz)
9 Far Away (performed by Apani B Fly & Mr. Complex)
10 Lone Catalysts Remix (performed by Lone Catalysts)

Side 3
11 Check the Clock (performed by J Sands & Grap Luva)
12 Nommo (performed by Asheru of Unspoken Heard)
13 They Can't See Me (performed by J Rawls)
14 Blue #2 Saxophone Reprise (performed by Charles Cooper)

Side 4
15 Listening performed by Doseone (circa 1998)
16 We performed by Talib Kweli and Makeba Mooncycle (circa 2000)
17 Aquarius performed by Holmskillit, Rubix & Wordsworth (circa 2001)
18 I Said It performed by Spirit (circa 1999)
19 Rio (Remix) performed by J Rawls (circa 2015) Available from 16.04.2016
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