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Wednesday, Apr 20 2016 | 08:19
Image: 1603717 Since the invention of Serato, creating the perfect break record is a
lost art form. In the twenty teens break record releases are few and
far between for vinyl purists. DJ’s and producers alike rely on instant
access to curated sound libraries bypassing all the junk. Breaks For
Hire is the immediate tool for the job. If you’re a DJ looking to build
a potent battle routine for the recent wave of 45 only nights or the
producer in search of the ideal break exclusive to vinyl, this record
will keep the productivity seamless. Carefully assembled by DJ Mekalek,
this 7” scratch/break record (plays at 33RPM) is packed full
of phrases, skipless kits and even a side of ultra-rare drumbreaks
supplied by legendary rap producer K-Def. Breaks for hire is ready
to work for you.
*This is a small-hole 7” that plays at 33 RPM

• Small hole 7” plays at 33 RPM as it was carefully curated and
designed with real DJs in mind.
• Side A includes a scratch kit / battle routine (2:27), and a
couple minutes worth of skipless phrases
• Side B includes 4 rare drum breaks (4:00)
• Packaged in a full color jacket

1. Scratch Kit in C-Minor, 70 BPM (2:27)
2. Skipless Kits, 100 BPM (2:15)
1. Spazin, 70 BPM (1:05)
2. Brother Swing, 90 BPM (1:04)
3. Showboat, 100 BPM (0:49)
4. Street Funk, 140 BPM (1:04) Available from 20.05.2016
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