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Saturday, Apr 02 2016 | 07:55
Image: 1603382 After few acclaimed freestyles on the web (almost 1 million
views) and the release of a first EP in late 2013, Hugo Délire
aka HD turns up with his first album, “Grand Delirium”. Between
screeching humour, clever lyrics and driving productions, HD
rap is considered to be technic, clever, stupid, uncommon,
literary ... but above all it’s a breath of fresh air.
Supported by a A-list of French kickers : Nekfeu, Hippocampe
Fou, Lomepal, Yoshi, Gaïden ... Hugo Délire aligns assonance
on alliteration and offers a a first striking and assertive album.

Side A
1. Intro
2. Grand Delirium
3. HD
4. C’est pas moi, c’est l’autre (feat. Ol’Kameez et
5. Limpide
6. Même pas peur (feat. Hippocampe Fou)
7. Génération la crise
Side B
8. Ah nan nan (feat. Lomepal et Keroué)
9. E & Z
10. Freestyle #7 (feat. Gaïden et Yoshi)
11. Tuer la bête
12. Dernier Détour (feat. Maniak et Nesis)
13. Outro
14. Bonus Track : Vaisseau Special Available from 06.05.2016
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