Saturday, Mar 19 2016 | 06:39
Image: 1603198 Anno Stamm, now with a long player for All City. Great previous form for All City and Meakusma under this guise but the man behind the Anstam output. Hot!
A structured double pack from Anno Stamm designed as both a collection of singular parts which work on the dancefloor and blurring together for a coherent full length home stereo listening. Throbbing acid and techno, all with a melodic sense, it is a crafted LP running with a brisk energetic speed throughout while rounding down on the final side with the deceptively lush vibes of "Sensing Social Sirens". Elsewhere there's the bruising breakbeat rave of "No One Else" and the reverbing crash cymbal sound of "Charge it Up to My Account", subtle nods to the past with the vocoder vibes of "Fine".
We'd like to think we're a diverse enough bunch here and though a record very much built in Berlin and of its techno traditions isn't something that is associated with us the infectious diversity over a full length joins the dots from our new sublabel Jheri Tracks to All City.

1. Fine
2. The Streets Were We Live
3. I Dig Digital Eruptions
4. My Talking Machine
5. No One Else
6. Charge it Up to My Account
7. Kneedeep Into Intravision
8. Das ANNO STAMM Theme
9. The Cities I Waltzed Through - Don't You
10. Don't You
11. Sensing Social Sirens
12. Done Available from 22.04.2016
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