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Friday, Mar 11 2016 | 06:28
Image: 1602879 Anenon is Brian Allen Simon, an artist and the founder of
the Non Projects record label. Constantly shedding the non-essential
in search of a deep and individualized core, Anenon’s music feels
potent and refined, yet still raw. His work reaches audiences through
speakers and venues where music is given serious consideration. An
experimental artist using contemporary tools, Brian mines the intersection
of electronics, jazz, improvisation and spiritual atmospherics.
Simon has performed internationally throughout Japan,
Europe and North America, sharing the stage with the likes of Morton
Subotnick, Julia Holter, Laurel Halo, Baths and many more. He is a
distinguished entrant of the 2011 Red Bull Music Academy and has
guest lectured at CalArts. Alongside multiple LP’s and EP’s released
on Non Projects, Simon has also released songs on Ghostly International,
Innovative Leisure and Brownswood. October saw Anenon’s debut
on Friends of Friends with the ‘Camembert’ EP, an effort that will be
followed with the ‘Petrol’ LP in 2016.
Born out of a series of improvisational sessions with friend
and collaborator Jon-Kyle Mohr, Anenon’s ‘Petrol’ is an album about
his native city of Los Angeles, but not the Los Angeles you know. It’s
a city built as much upon the frenzied kinetic energy of its freeways
as its moments of thoughtful, early morning solitude. In Anenon’s
mind, an Angeleno is “one who understands the beauty of distance
and the consistencies of irregularity” and those juxtapositions can be
found throughout ‘Petrol’, a spacious album that needs to be lived in
to be believed. Those juxtapositions extend to the sonic makeup of
‘Petrol’, from the tactile bliss of opener “Body” to the album closing
title track’s climactic bombast. Out March 4 on Friends of Friends,
‘Petrol’ is the culmination of years of work and a deeply refined sensibility,
a combination that seems to fit both label and artist like a glove.

1. Body
2. Lumina
3. Once
4. CXP
5. Mouth
6. Hinoki
7. Machines
8. Panes
9. Petrol

Key Points:
• Support for ‘Petrol’ from The Wire, Pitchfork, LA Times, RBMA, Noisey,
Fader, Mixmag, Exclaim, Clash
• Red Bull Music Academy alumnus (2011)
• Curating a four-part, year-long series at the Museum of Contemporary Art,
Los Angeles entitled ‘Movement’
• Radio Host on non-profit online radio station Dublab
• Head of Non Projects record label, an Alpha Pup imprint
• Past releases on Ghostly International, Innovative Leisure and Brownswood
• International touring experience with performances in Japan, Europe and
North America, sharing the stage with the likes of Morton Subotnick, Julia
Holter, Laurel Halo, Baths and many more

Press Quotes:
“The mood is evocative of Vangelis’ Blade Runner soundtrack, but elsewhere
things are less placid and misty-eyed, the drums on “Once” and “CXP” recreate the
head-over-heels tumble of drum ‘n’ bass, inspiring greater urgency in Simon’s
sax work. “Mouth” and “Petrol,” meanwhile, bring to mind Philip Glass’
- Philip Sherburne (Pitchfork) on Petrol Available from 01.04.2016
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