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Friday, Mar 11 2016 | 06:28
Image: 1602878 ‘A Book Of Flying’ marks the return of Jian Kellett Liew (aka Kyson) to
Friends of Friends and the follow-up to 2013’s ‘The Water’s Way’. The
Adelaide-born, Berlin-based composer/producer/electronic musician sees
music as the platform through which he feels most comfortable -
projecting his imagination through musical narratives, embracing and
documenting the images and sounds of the world he’s traveled - from the
chaos and cacophony of bustling cities, to the peaceful, sun-drenched
comfort of his own hometown.
Eleven roomy, beatific songs are rounded around Kyson’s delicate vocal
work, ‘A Book Of Flying’ updates classic folk tropes with modern verve.
Composed entirely by Kyson, the album is a sort of grown up bedroom
album, full of contemplative instrumentation and songwriting that tugs at
intrinsically human heartstrings. Whereas Kyson’s music has touched on
the dancefloor in the past, ‘A Book Of Flying’ gives in entirely to his
inward-looking proclivities and the result is his most complete work to
date, a work of contemporary folk that paints a fluid picture of Kyson the
“Carved within a time of solitude, it was this period of realizationmusically
and personally- which granted me the chance to explore a new
musical focus. Inspired by delicate sound fragments and a connection to
nature’s noise, A Book of Flying is an album which arose out of
necessity.” –Kyson

1. As The Mind It Changes
2. Flightless
3. Thank You For Everything Part II
4. You
5. Latvia
6. Pictures
7. A Song About The Future
8. Nice Circle
9. Black Dreaming
10. To Fight Without Sabotage
11. Outro / If Our Love Was A Movie

Press Quotes:
“The way the central synth motif on “How Long” swells and eclipses everything
else is downright thrilling… it smoulders and overtakes like it’s trying to run the
rest of the track into the ground, a perfect centerpiece” – Pitchfork, on The
Water’s Way
“Though he continues to employ forward-thinking arrangements and sleek
electronic elements, Kyson has added a dream-like folk motif to his most recent
work. The drifting vocals and gentle acoustic guitar patterns of his newest work
could almost pass for José González.
- Stereogum, on A Book Of Flying Available from 01.04.2016
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