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Saturday, Mar 05 2016 | 06:06
Image: 1602311 Incredible as it seems, this year marks twenty
years since the launch of Johnny D’Mairo’s
Henry Street Music label. To celebrate, BBE is
marking the occasion with a very special 5 x 7
inch vinyl box set.
Many of the movers and shakers of the day
had their best moments on Henry Street, and
some of the best of them are represented
here: Johnick, DJ Duke & Roland Clark, Todd
Terry & Marshall Jefferson, King Britt, Mateo
and Matos, Brutal Bill, Robbie Rivera, Furious
George, Ralphi Rosario – a veritable roll-call of
the premiere-league of dance at the time, an
era when dance music still seemed incredibly
fertile and the link with its own past is still
Henry Street (named after Brooklyn homeboy
Johnny’s neighbourhood) always had a ‘New
York’ vibe, and even when drawing its
producers from further afield, the label
encapsulated the city’s melting-pot of talent
and raw, bristling energy... energy captured
here, and exploding off these remastered
tracks like it’s 1999 all over again!
So... dust off those dancing shoes, and get
ready to feel the heat, it’s one more time for
the Henry Street Hustle!

Track listing:
A1 Robbie Rivera - I Can't Take It
A2 Furious George - Paradise By The
Furious Light
B1 DJ Duke / Roland Clark – D2-D2 (I
Get Deep) Timmy Regisford Mix (Julia
C1 Brutal Bill - Philly Jazz
D1 Ralphi Rosario - Brinca
E1 Johnick - C'mon Give It Up
F1 Johnick - Good Time
G1 King Britt – The Force
H1 DJ Duke / Roland Clark - D2-D2
(Blaise Fade)
I1 Mateo & Matos - Rainbow (Edit)
J1 Todd Terry & Marshall Jefferson - Party
People (Original Demo)

Key Selling point
- very special Henry Street Music package,
released on 7” vinyl for the first time
- exclusively for RSD 2016
- strictly limited
- label originator Johnny D will be available
for interviews Available from 16.04.2016
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