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Friday, Mar 04 2016 | 06:03
Image: 1602746 If this latest missive from Camp Nado is anything to go by, we're in for a scorching Summer. For the eighteenth (though mysteriously numbered 014) release on the Mancunian institution, Messers Moonboots and Boardman invite a cosmopolitan cast from France and, well, Yorkshire, to take us for a stroll through the surf. Hull's Renaissance man, Steve Cobby, takes centre stage on his label debut, collaborating with Leeds musician Rich Arthurs on the A-side epic 'Bushfarmer' before showcasing his skill at the mixing desk with a B-side remix of Penelope Antenna's sultry 'Tradewinds', which also appears in all its original glory.

Stretching languorously over the whole of the A-side, 'Bushfarmer' sees the Yorkshire duo harness the power cosmic at the heart of 'Transfer Station Blue' and 'E2-E4' to perfectly soundtrack the blazing embers of the setting sun. Over the course of a totally immersive ten minutes, the track transforms from a lone guitar to a widescreen symphony of kosmische psychedelia, slowly buildingthrough nebulous FX, frazzled sequences and skittering rhythms.
As we head into the second half of the opus, the guitar drops out and the track drifts along in a hazy soundscape, before taking us home with a low slung space disco groove. Epic in any sense of the word, this is one trip you can't afford to miss.

Aficionado present another debutante on the B-side, enticing Balearic royalty Penelope Antenna (daughter of Isabelle) to grace the label with the siren song of 'Tradewinds'.
A coastal serenade awash with lapping waves and gentle cicadas, this horizontal jam seems to float in a heat haze, swaying gently to a laid back rhythm while sweltering keys and gentle chimes suggest an endless Summer.

Reaching for the factor 50, Mr Cobby tops a drum box backbeat with buttery bass and smooth keys, pushing the vocal up in the mix to serve up a flavourful portion of Summery soul food. Adding discofied guitar, jazzy organ and a killer breakbeat as the track progresses, the Fila Brazilia man ensures his remix sizzles until the last seconds.

Officially Aficionado.


Available from 03.06.2016
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