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Thursday, Mar 03 2016 | 09:03
Image: 1602679 Gathered Between is Dday One’s fifth studio album in ten years, a
lost chapter from his discography unearthed through an exercise in
The tracks on Gathered Between were originally recorded after Dday
One’s second album, Heavy Migration. But a hard drive failure took
the album away, leaving only a handful of tracks that were released
on rare and now out-of-print compilations. In early 2015, while
listening to a rough demo of the album, Dday decided to reconstruct
Gathered Between using memory as his only guide.
Dday dug through his crates to relocated samples and, using classic
samplers and various other technology, reprogrammed the album
beat by beat like an audio archaeologist. As a result, Gathered
Between expands the language of classic hip-hop production in the
same spirit as the greats of the genre.
Gathered Between offers a captivating instrumental hip-hop journey
across ten tracks. As with previous releases, the crackle of vinyl sits
next to melancholic horn melodies and piano licks, fingered bass
dances across breaks, and disembodied voices give the slightest
hint of the author’s opinions. Built from hundreds of samples, the
music is a tapestry of pasts on which the listener is invited to write
their own memories and hopes for the future. Starting off with a
bang, ‘One Another’, a tune of unification, brings to mind hints of
classic Pete Rock production, the crunchy drums and bubbling stabs
of ‘Alchemy Loop’ are reminiscent of golden era aesthetics but move
beyond. The album is held together by the same attention to detail
and intricate sample layering that has defined Dday One’s work to

1. One Another
2. Our Music
3. Out of the Shadows
4. Cast No Stones
5. Alchemy Loop
6. Memento Mori
7. Years Ago
8. Give and Take
9. Contact
10. Natural Balance Available from 25.03.2016
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