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Tuesday, Mar 01 2016 | 06:00
Image: 1602638 Cherrystones and Touch Sensitive come together again to proudly present a lost masterpiece from the U.S. hard rock and psychedelic underground. Fully remastered and faithfully reproduced on limited 7inch vinyl with additional insert featuring lyrics and notes from Burk Skyhorse Price (Maya) and Cherrystones. Two tracks of timeless, heartfelt outsider music. “In the drying up world of unknown homemade underground rock sounds, there never fails to be at least one scurrying rodent running for cover, bug-eyed under the flashlight of the modern-day sonic adventure seeker. Nearly all the LPs have been brought to the surface.?More recently, rabid fuzz and loner sound explorers are rubbing elbows with Northern Soul speed-freaks in the deep, cold, hour-eating world of coverless 45s to seek out what could be seen as the final frontier of no budget, big dream and no fan base homemade local vulnerable Rock ’n’ Roll.

A UK discovered and repressed Ohio private nuclear soul bomb by Burk Skyhorse Price with his Maya unit from the shadows of Cincinnati Ohio, in the music-world turmoil year of 1975. The single has all the ingredients: songs about heartache, bubbling synths, alien feelings, proto-punk, backwards feedback, isolation. Two lengthy songs of two different moods: 'Synthezoid Heartbreak' a ""Fuck You!” to all partners that want you to join the Real Estate game and turn in your misfired Envelope pedals for a suit and tie, rendered musically in raging underground punk damage mode. But I think the small band of freaks that have heard Maya’s lone 45 agree that its the pro-Alien sad dirge of 'Distant Visions' that gets the pen scratching the history books for another legendary entry. This reflective-afternoon delay lurker makes me wonder what happened AFTER the fade out to 'Visions'. Maybe the homemade air siren blew out the studio? Regardless, here is a big dreaming band that left quite a brief one-two punch to the face of the industry that had no place for their punk and lonely sound poems. Funny but fitting how they have finally found a home forty years later and many continents away. Solid homemade damage here, touching AND sensitive, albeit crushingly loud.” Available from 04.03.2016
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