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Tuesday, Feb 23 2016 | 05:53
Image: 1602510 It's safe to say that hip-hop has never seen an album like Ol’ Dirty Bastard's 1995 solo debut Return to
the 36 Chambers. The brief glimpses of ODB's unhinged genius provided by Wu-Tang Clan's landmark
Enter the Wu-Tang album two years earlier were begging to be expanded on to a larger canvas, and,
with RZA guiding production, the album promised to give Dirty the creative license to make one of the
most bizarre, entertaining and original LPs in hip-hop history. With his raspy, drunken flow and dark
sense of humor, Dirty fearlessly attacks from all angles, throwing himself fearlessly into punchy rhyme
attacks (“Damage,” with GZA), drugged-out party jams (the monster singles “Brooklyn Zoo” and
“Shimmy Shimmy Ya”) and bizarre, grimly hilarious fantasies of sex and violence (“Don't U Know” and
the R&B-tinged “Sweet Sugar Pie”).
Backed by RZA's appropriately gritty, dissonant beats and appearances from the Clan, Return became
an instant hit, selling over 1 million copies and earning a Grammy Award nomination for Best Rap
Album in 1996. The album stands as a high water mark in the Wu-Tang Clan's collective creative output
and was selected as one of the Best 100 Rap Albums by The Source magazine in 1998.
In honoring the legacy of one of hip-hop's most innovative releases, Get On Down is proud to present
this incredible and unique special edition of Ol’ Dirty Bastard's Return to the 36 Chambers as a double
LP which contains the complete original album, remastered for optimal sound quality.

A1. Intro
A2. Shimmy Shimmy Ya
A3. Baby C’mon
A4. Brooklyn Zoo
B1. Hippa To Da Hoppa
B2. Raw Hide
B3. Damage
B4. Don’t U Know
C1. The Stomp
C2. Goin’ Down
C3. Drunk Game (Sweet Sugar Pie)
D1. Brooklyn Zoo II (Tiger Cane)
D2. Proteck Ya Neck II The Zoo
D3. Cuttin’ Headz
D4. Snakes Available from 11.03.2016
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