Friday, Feb 12 2016 | 05:42
Image: 1601592 With her debut EP „Break Of Dawn“ the Berlin based Mieke Miami whet the
appetite for the now available long player already last October. It's the beautiful
morning serenade “Break of Dawn” itself which opens up this eleven track strong
album named “In The Old Forest” ringing in springtime in a augustly levitating
manner with Mieke's sugar-sweet voice. Thereafter the album's title track takes
us by the hand buoyantly and leads us through this wondrous, old forest, which
has a multitude of stories to tell. For instance one about a man without shoes
(“UFO”), another one about a companionship with a tree (“The Owl”) or the one
about a stroll along a sea full of memories (“Bantry Bay”). But most of all these
tales recount this special feeling called summer (“August” and “Summer”). The
whole LP spreads this subtle serenity which you only witness during this season
of the year. Maybe except for “All Over “ and “Radioman”, two songs marching to
some kind of a different drummer but in doing so add a pinch of variety in tone
and style. Otherwise you could consider yourself to be strictly in the land of bliss
by listening to this album.
The band supporting Mieke Miami (Carolina Bigge on drums, Thomas Stieger
on bass and guitar and Johannes Saal on keys as well as guitar) creates a
sound not only accentuating Mieke's sophisticated songwriting but stimulating it
along the course. For instance, listen to “Fly”. This dreamy piece of pop with a
musicall well-versed foundation – from the songwriting to the orchestration and
of course the lyrics. In short, “In The Old Forest” simply makes you happy, even
on days less warm and less summery.

1. Break Of Dawn
2. In The Old Forest
3. UFO
4. Shine
5. Summer
6. Fly
7. The Owl
8. Bantry Bay
9. All Over
10. August
11. Radioman Available from 25.03.2016
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