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Thursday, Feb 11 2016 | 10:53
Image: 1602283 By now the names June Miller and Teddy Killerz should be no stranger to anyone in the drum and bass scene. Each production outfit are renowned for delivering some of the most cutting edge productions the scene has ever had to offer. Each artist continues to excel with their output, pushing sonic boundaries and delivering stone cold beats that cave in dancefloors world wide. ‘Rock n Roll’ and ‘Wildlife’ proves these technically minded wizards deliver two heavyweight cuts destined to destroy the clubs and festivals over the year’s course.

‘Rock n Roll’ is up first. Diving into their metal roots and reaching for the guitars, Rock n Roll is a masterclass in drum and bass fusion. Mixing heavy metal riffs with modern era neurofunk, this track is set to unleash aural devastation. Massive, chunky distorted guitars ring loud as a half time rhythm keeps your heads bobbing throughout. Drum fills slice through the fray like machine gun fire, taking the track full speed ahead into an assault of reverberated lead stabs and crushing mid range and sub bass frequencies... Making it a serious piece of DJ artillery to contend with and unleash upon the masses.

'Wildlife' flips the script and delivers something entirely different. Taking you deep into the jungle, animals roar and growl as a mysterious ticking sets the rhythm and coaxes you in deeper towards the build. Razor sharp risers propel you full speed into an onslaught of stepped, weighted drum hits and an unearthly barrage of low end power. Cleverly placed percussion fires off like cannon fire taking the track’s lead and melding together into a sinister journey.

Taking no prisoners with this release, June Miller and Teddy Killerz showcase their masterful sound design chops, bringing forward two new diverse but powerful additions to their ever growing back catalogue on Ram. Pooling together their creative energies, both parties prove they mean business and will settle for nothing less than perfection.


A. Rock'n'Roll
AA. Wildlife

LISTEN LINK: Available from 04.03.2016
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