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Friday, Jan 29 2016 | 04:35
Image: 1601035 Manuel Volpe & Rhabdomantic Orchestra are back on Agogo Records with their new album Albore.

LP Tracklisting :
A1. Albore
A2. Atlante
A3. Basrah
A4. Nostril
A5. Maatkara
B1. Betel
B1. Rhabdomancy
B3. Reveal
B4. Whorf
B5. Wheat Field

A few minutes before the dawn, there is an instant where a soft dim light rends the horizon
eastwards and the night prepares to share the heavens with the coming morning. In Italian
this feeble glow is called “albore” and it also means the beginning of something.
"Albore" is a record about an initiation, a spiritual journey that drives the listener into an
hypnotic and evocative world made of Yoruba polyrhythms, Middle Eastern impressions,
spiritual jazz drifts, Ethiopian groove vibes and afrobeat-like brass sections. It is a mix of
different sonic landscapes where the instruments of Volpe's orchestra weave a texture of
voices into a sort of magical realism. These 10 compositions pay tribute to John Lurie’s late
work, the spiritual jazz of Pharoah Sanders and the ethnomusical studies of Lloyd Miller.
Written and arranged by Manuel Volpe, the album is ably supported by an excellent
production team made up of Massimiliano Moccia, Andrea Scardovi, Kelly Hibbert and
Volpe himself under the fine supervision of afro-jazz-fusion expert Andrea Benini (Mop
Manuel Volpe (born in 1988) is a composer, producer and musician from Jesi, Italy. He
started studying music at the age of 11. Early fascinated by jazz and world music he began
to explore these languages with different bands and projects.
In 2013 he released his first album entitled “Gloom Lies Beside Me As I Turn My Face
Towards The Light” (Goatman Records / A Buzz Supreme). Mainly inspired by folk music
and the music of the South of Italy, the album was greeted with great favor by the main
italian magazines which have underlined the fine writing and arrangement skills of Volpe.
In 2014 he found the Rhabdomantic Orchestra, an open collective of musicians based in
Manuel Volpe: vocals, bass, guitars, percussions / Simone Pozzi: drums, percussions /
Luca Spena: percussions / Gianandrea Cravero: guitars / Fabio Gorlier: piano, rhodes /
Maurizio Busca: clarinet, alto sax / Dario Terzuolo: flute, tenor sax / Michele Bernabei:
trumpet, flugelhorn / Luca Zennaro: baritone sax / Lisa Luminari: vocals / Matteo Frau:
trumpet / Riccardo Trasselli: doublebass / Cecil Delzant: violin / Lucia Sacerdoni: cello Available from 11.03.2016
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