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Thursday, Jan 28 2016 | 10:34
Image: 1601943 While G-funk dominated hip-hop airwaves through the 1990s, the
pulse of underground rap was maintained at the Good Life Café,
an open-mic workshop at the corner of Crenshaw & Exposition in
Los Angeles. After Freestyle Fellowship became the first Good Life
group to invade the national consciousness in 1991, a young duo
called THE NONCE were their heirs apparent, seemingly primed for
a breakthrough. Composed of Leimert Park natives Lance ‘Nouka
Basetype / Sach’ Caldwell and Yusef ‘Afloat’Muhammad, The Nonce
had already been rapping and recording together for years prior
to arriving at Good Life. The Nonce signed to Wild West Records
/ American and completed a record called ‘World Ultimate’ in 1995.
An early single called “Mix Tapes” emerged from the ‘World Ultimate’
sessions. With its dense percussion, rolling bass, spare horn
samples and deft turntable scratches, it’s emblematic of the sound
that would pervade the classic album. The song charts Sach and
Yusef’s growth from mixtape peddlers to artists. It also became The
Nonce’s stepping stone to a major label contract and a bonafide
west coast classic.
After ‘World Ultimate’, Sach and Yusef intended to push their musical
boundaries even further. Unfortunately for Yusef Afloat, the journey
ended at age 28. In 2000 his body was found beside the 110-Freeway.
In the years since Sach has maintained a prolific solo career, selfreleasing
nearly a dozen projects ranging from LPs to collaborations
and instrumental tapes.
Fast forward to 2016 and the forthcoming release of ‘ESSENTIAL
[HNR57] a remastered twelve-track “Best of” SACH compilation
album, serving as a re-introduction of Sach to a new generation of
hip-hop lovers, producers, beat makers & emcees. This extraordinary
musical document comes complete with cover artwork courtesy of
Augustine Kofie, the legendary photography of Eric Coleman, plus
illustrative and informative liner notes by luminary Carlos Nino,
and is available on limited-edition 12” tangerine colored vinyl (plus
Cassette tape (includes two non-LP bonus tracks “Heavenly Spit” &
“Robot on Ya”).

• Sach was one half of hip hop duo The Nonce
• Essential is a “best of” compilation serving as a reintroduction
to a new generation
• Liner notes by Carlos Nino
• Pressing is limited to 300 units on orange vinyl

Side A
1. BLACK EARTH: from
‘Suckas Hate Me’ (2002)
Sach 5th Ave’ (2004)
3. MIX TAPES: from The
Nonce ‘World Ultimate’
4. ROSE: from ‘Only For The
Gifted & The Lifted’ (2006)
5. LET ‘EM: from ‘I’m From
Vermont Knolls’ (2014)
6. BRASS RUNG: from ‘Sach
5th Ave (2004)
Side B
NAUHI): from ‘Happy Verse
Day: Suite 2’ (2013)
2. HUMBLE!: from ‘Ignorance
My Enemy’ (2010)
3. FLAMBAY: from ‘I’m From
Vermont Knolls’ (2014)
4. I MIGHT: from ‘Only For
The Gifted & The Lifted’
5. LOOK AT ME MEAN: from
‘Seven Days To Engineer’
6. JOY: from ‘Sach 5th Ave’
Cassette Bonus Tracks:
Grand Daddy Sach (2002)
1. ROBOT ON YA: from
Happy Verse Day: Suite 2
(2002) Available from 19.02.2016
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