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Friday, Jan 22 2016 | 01:25
Image: 1600966 Sonar Kollektiv present We So Good from The Mixtapers.

A1 – Glorious Days
A2 – Peaces
A3 – Don’t You Let It Go
A4 – We So Good
B1 – Glorious Days (The Ivory Boy Remix)
B2 – We So Good (Scott Xylo! Remix)
B3 – Peaces (Instrumental)
B4 – We So Good (Instrumental)

It shouldn't really matter where The Mixtapers hail from. But on the other hand, their
music in the midst of Future Funk (à la The Internet, Dam-Funk oder James Pants) and
classic hiphop reminds of the sound from LA and Toronto which is conquering the world
right now. Martino Bisson and Michele Manzo come from Bologna, Italy though. And
that's exactly where they assembled a forceful squad to record 100% organically (no
samples, no loops or any other Ableton gimmicks) with vintage synths (with Fender
Rhodes leading the way), old drum machines and proper instruments a harmonious mini
Having yet attracted minor attention only with two cassette tapes (via Expansions
Collective) within the blogosphere, now thanks to the signing by Sonar Kollektiv The
Mixtapers will be introduced to a wider audience. “We So Good”, the title track of this
collection, masterfully treads a tightrope between Golden Era Hiphop and the current
funky friskiness of, let's say Kendrick Lamar or Chance The Rapper. No wonder, since we
have the pleasure of a guest performance by the reincarnation of the legendary Yancey
Boys here: Illa J and Frank Nitt celebrate the good ol' days. For “Peaces” the Italians
managed to get one of the hottest and “one to watch” MCs in their studio: DistantStarr
from Detroit. The combination of his delivery with the voice of singer ALO and an extra
bold production results in actually the perfect springtime hit of this still juvenile year.
“Fresh for 2016”, can be said as well about “Don't You Let It Go”, with Nico Menci at the
keys and Danilo Mineo on percussions (both are present on all of the four tracks by the
On the flipside, “Glorious Days” gets treated with a bonus, a club remix by fellow
Bolognese but now in Berlin residing The Ivory Boy. With his rework Scott Xylo! from
Leicester shoves “We So Good” into Kaytranada waters while gaining head's approval.
The two instrumentals finishing this release off also make perfect sense when you have
extraordinary musicians like the foursome The Mixtapers conjuring magic throughout
“We So Good” and making us not getting enough of it at all. That's how we will crave for
more. Available from 04.03.2016
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