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Jan 22, 2018
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Friday, Jan 22 2016 | 07:25
Image: 1601829 2015 has been a busy year for Polyrhythmics. The release of their fulllength
album Libra Stripes in 2013 propelled them into appearances
at major festivals across the country and fueled extended tours
North, South, East, and West, energizing dancers and fans of
creative groove music everywhere. Now they follow up with Octagon,
a cinematic album that builds on the funk and afrobeat sounds of
their previous work with psychedelic layers and fiery rhythms that
will continue to get audiences out on the dance floor. Their third fulllength
album is another strong piece of evidence that the band has
a story to tell unlike the funk bands of the past and different than any
band on the scene today. From the electrifying 3*]piece horn lines to
the infectious interplay between the members of the rhythm section,
each track takes the listener on a visceral journey, from section to
groove*]infused section. Not just for vinyl heads, not just for dancers,
Polyrhythmics make music in which listeners will get lost, get hyped,
and get down.

1. Liam Rides A Pony
2. Maruken
3. The Itis
4. Octagon Pt. 1
5. Octagon Pt. 2
6. Le Hustle
7. Fairweather Fiends
8. Shadowlines Available from 05.02.2016
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