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Tuesday, Jan 19 2016 | 07:21
Image: 1601749 Zackey Force Funk was born into this wild world in Tucson, AZ in
1974. In and out of prison since the age of 17, ZFF began producing
on pirated software his brother gave to him once he had given up
a life of crime to focus on writing tunes and raising his family. First
discovered by Kutmah back in the golden era of Myspace, Zackey’s
signature “Force Funk Sound” swiftly grabbed the attention of a
number of formidable producers. As these tunes were scattered
across various labels, finding their homes on their respective
collaborator’s projects, ZFF continued to hone his style, delving
deeper into the psychedelic future funk realm of which he has
created for himself.
The fruits of his discipline all add up to “Electron Don” [HNR52] a
15-track collection of early productions that serves as the initial
transmission of a fantastical mind that has many more stories to
tell. “Electron Don” gathers together various unreleased and classic
tracks recorded by Zackey Force Funk circa 2009-2011 in Tucson,
AZ. Included here are a treasure-trove of classic productions by the
Electron Don himself, as well as tracks by luminaries Salva, Mike
Gao, Lorn, Jellphonic, Cupp Cave, Crimekillz, Mark Lowe and Paolo

1. Light
2. That’s Why I
3. Leeches
4. Numberz
5. Hotline
6. Nogales
7. Don’t Fake The Funk
8. 100 Snakes
9. Funk Logic
10. Locust Heat
11. Jean Jacket (ft. Crimekillz)
12. Chingale Pues
13. Sexxxy
14. Bloody Morning Came
15. Johnny Soldier Stare
16. Bombs Available from 26.02.2016
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