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Tuesday, Jan 19 2016 | 07:21
Image: 1601748 Sebastian Fraye’s VOL. 1 showcases a selection of instrumental
beats that were created between 2009 and 2014. A multitude of
both sampled and recorded instruments, tools and techniques were
used throughout the album. The thread that ties them all together
is through the use of vinyl. Sebastian felt that with his first official
album, he needed to honor the traditions of the beatmaking craft
and the artists that came before him—not only musically, but visually
as well. His album artwork is a curated collection of record store
album stickers that were acquired from his personal collection, some
of which were taken from records that were sampled in this very
album. As a designer, Sebastian feels that the stickers not only have
a beautiful aesthetic look, but represent the experience of buying
used records from dusty old stores, early Sunday morning swap
meets, or local thrift stores—often searching for hours on end until
something unique is found. VOL. 1 is truly a tribute to vinyl through
its assortment of 24 original beats.
About Sebastian Fraye:
California native Sebastian Fraye started out playing instruments
from a very young age, sparking an affinity for drums and beats.
Although a graphic designer by trade, his passion for music and
producing is endless. His approach to producing is spontaneous and
experimental—an exploration of cinematic soundscapes that takes
you to another world. Inspired by artists that came before him, he
pushes the boundaries of the expected to create his own sound. And
his love for music from around the world leaves no door closed when
it comes to what could potentially find its way into a new composition.
He enjoys digging for obscure sounds and instruments to include
into his music, often juxtaposing those from polar opposite origins.
He believes the best feeling that comes from creating music is when
you surprise yourself.

1. Let’s Go (Intro)
2. Yo (Route)
3. Don’t Walk Away (Get Live)
4. Each Night (Slammin)
5. Opening Credits (Laid Back)
6. Talk is Cheap (Word is Bond)
7. Rock (Jam)
8. Stop, Look, And Listen (Get Live)
9. After Life (Or Not)
10. The Flyest (Soul)
11. Ballin (Boss)
12. Trying to Survive

13. Back and Forth (Snafu)
14. Dark Clouds (Sunset)
15. Philosophical (Create)
16. Thump a Chest (Get Live)
17. In the Rain (Sound Crazy)
18. Young (Fool)
19. We Got to Jam (Slaps)
20. Dance with One Leg (Broken)
21. Smooth as Silk (Salvador)
22. Drop the Bomb (Dominate)
23. Thus I Began (Heat of Zeal)
24. 24 You Can Hear (Outro) Available from 12.02.2016
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