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Monday, Jan 18 2016 | 13:49 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Hospitality 2016In 2015 Hospitality reached new heights with eighty-two shows reaching over twenty countries across the globe! We’ve recreated the unparalleled atmosphere of a Hospitality dance-floor in our huge 60-track compilation. ‘Hospitality 2016′ brings you the biggest tracks from the current drum & bass scene including 25 brand new exclusives that are set to take the year by storm.

In the first of 2 full CD length mixes dive into fresh tracks from Fred V & Grafix, Krakota, Logistics, Metrik, Urbandawn and an extra something special from no other than High Contrast! Med School have gone from strength to strength and with their 10th year on the horizon we get a taste of what’s to come with brand new music from Keeno, Anile and Whiney.

In the second hour we’re spoilt for choice with previously unreleased tracks from Nu:Tone, S.P.Y and the Gresham duo Nu:Logic. There are refreshing remixes in store including Diego Torres’ rework of the London Elektricity classic “Had A Little Fight” and the long awaited Logistics spin on Etherwood’s “Light My Way Home” featuring Eva Lazarus.

We’ve brought in a whole load of the scenes exciting newcomers including the mysterious Dawn Wall, the USA’s bundle of energy Ownglow and smooth movers Pola & Bryson.

With the 5th year winning the Drum & Bass Arena Award for ‘Best Club Night’ behind us, Hospitality is onto even bigger and better things in 2016, kick started with this massive compilation!


CD1 1. Fred V & Grafix “Constellations” 2. Krakota “Lust Thrust” 3. Resonate “Bomb Squad” 4. Logistics “Your Time” 5. Ulterior Motive “Oddness” 6. Metrik “Terminus” 7. Dimension “Pull Me Under” (feat. Raphaella) 8. Urbandawn “Frisch” 9. LSB “Remedy” 10. Urbandawn “Neon Nights” (Reso Remix) 11. Rockwell “Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)” 12. Whiney “Komodo” 13. Grum “Straight To Your Heart” (Legion & Logam Remix) 14. TC “Rep” (feat. Jakes) 15. Etherwood “Light My Way Home” (feat. Eva Lazarus) (Logistics Remix) 16. Halogenix “Shank” 17. Need For Mirrors “Jagged” (feat. Onallee) 18. Benny L “Lava” 19. NC-17 & Fade “The Lobster” 20. Doctrine “Airlock” 21. Atomik Tags “Blue Line” 22. Royalston “The Depths” 23. Technimatic “Remember You” 24. High Contrast “Calling My Name” 25. London Elektricity “Drop Ship” 26. Break “Gave Too Much” (feat. Kyo) 27. Murdock “Tribes” 28. Jaydan “Brock It Up” 29. Icicle “Dreadnaught” (feat. SP:MC) (Phace Remix) 30. Hugh Hardie, Pola & Bryson “Lifted”

CD2 1. Swindle “Elevator” (feat. TC) 2. Ownglow “All Black” 3. Voltage & Nicky Blackmarket “Jazz Tickles” 4. Nu:Tone “Cold” (feat. Arnold Jarvis) 5. London Elektricity “Telefunken Lizard Filter” 6. Keeno “Perspective” (feat. MC Fava) 7. Anile “Stay With Me” 8. Alix Perez & EPROM “The Serpent” 9. S.P.Y “Doppelgänger” 10. Noisia & The Upbeats “Dead Limit” 11. Pennygiles & Sevin “I’m Sorry” 12. Etherwood “The Rain Will Fall” (feat. LSB) 13. London Elektricity “Had A Little Fight” (Diego Torres Remix) 14. Calibre “Posh Boy” 15. Subwave “Tell Me” 16. LSB ‘If You’re Here (Luke’s Tangerine Dreaming VIP)’ (feat. Sophia Wardman) 17. TIEKS (feat. Dan Harkna) “Sunshine” (Nu:Tone Remix) 18. Krakota “In The Area” (feat. Lifford) 19. High Contrast “Mermaid Scar” (Ulterior Motive Remix) 20. Maduk “Solarize” (feat. Logistics) 21. Muffler “Ranua” (feat. Keeno) 22. Quadrant & Iris “Wirecutter” (feat. Cease) 23. Royalston “People On The Ground” (feat. Hannah Joy) 24. Dawn Wall “Between The Sheets” (feat. Artificial Intelligence) 25. Nu:Logic “Watercolours” 26. Anile “Watch The Clock” 27. Enter Shikari “There’s A Price On Your Head” (Danny Byrd Remix) 28. Basement Jaxx “Buffalo” (Dub Phizix Remix) 29. Sam Binga “I Tol U” 30. FD “Get It Right” (feat. Soukie)

The compilation Hospital PresentsHospitality 2016” (Hospital) is going to be released February 5, 2016.

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