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Saturday, Jan 16 2016 | 07:18
Image: 1601718 “Universal Language,” the new album by San Francisco rapper Dregs
One and Tokyo producer Ill Sugi, is proof that music transcends
international borders. Dregs’ underground albums reached Sugi
through a local record store while he was still in high school, which
later led to the two communicating through the internet. Sugi began
sending Dregs beats and remixing some of his songs, and eventually
flew to the Bay Area to visit and stayed at Dregs’ apartment. Despite
the language barrier between them, the two were able to bond
through the culture of hip-hop. During that trip, they began working
on a collaborative album and drove down to Los Angeles to record
some songs. Over the next few years, Dregs and Sugi worked on
the songs through e-mail and stayed in touch through Facebook and
Skype. The end result is “Universal Language.” Over Sugi’s smooth
yet grimey sampled beats, Dregs spits streetwise raps that touch
on topics that relate to the human experience. This album has the
potential to open the hearts and the minds of listeners and become
an international hip-hop classic.

1. The Language of the World
2. One Way
3. True Beauty featuring Priscillia
4. Emotion featuring Gas Mask Colony
5. City Slicker
6. Fortune Baby
7. Local
8. B-Boys & B-Girls
9. Deep In Thought featuring Equipto & L*Roneous
10. Universal Language Available from 29.01.2016
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