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Friday, Dec 11 2015 | 03:33
Image: 1601223 After closing the year with four tracks of wintery house from San Laurentino, Aficionado set their sights on the spring with their latest release, which comes courtesy of Glaswegian trio Imperfect Product.

Opening with a drifting dreamscape, reminiscent but intangible (entirely fitting for a track reborn out of decade's old rehearsal tapes) 'Solina' blooms into colour and focus at the rattle and crash of a jazzy drum break. An irresistible rolling bassline carries the groove onwards and upwards, loosening your shoulders nicely before spiralling synthesisers, swaggering wah guitar and rippling piano take your breath away completely.

As the fuzzy organ stabs and shimmering drones flood the soundscape, you're overcome with memories of youthful mixtapes where Innerzone Orchestra and Eddie Henderson rubbed shoulders with 'Summer Madness'. Understated but overwhelming, 'Solina's' sweltering perfection works just as well as an end of night life changer as the soundtrack to a spliff and sangria in the back garden.

On the B-side, London's Les Crocodiles deconstruct the track inna dubwise style, turning up the heat for some far out Balearic beat. The head nodding rhythm holds things together perfectly while the acid-tinged rubber bassline, echo drenched middle eastern strings and psychedelic synth lines do their very best to totally blow your mind.

As you head deeper into the groove, the dreamy piano of the original leads us into a euphoric breakdown before pulling us back in for more ecstatic dancing.
A score of releases in and with no two records sounding the same, Aficionado continue to fly the flag for open minded music.

Officially Aficionado.

B. SOLINA (LES CROCODILES REMIX) Available from 04.03.2016
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