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Friday, Dec 04 2015 | 03:27
Image: 1601146 Hailing from Richmond, VA Tuamie is one of the beat scene’s
brightest young talents. A true “head” and lover of records, Tuamie
pride’s himself on making beats with unidentifiable samples.
‘Masta Killa’ is no generic beat tape mind you. The album is full of
house, soul, and African rhythms generating a feeling of mid 90’s
nostalgia while maintaining a contemporary sound. ‘Masta Killa’,
considered a cult classic, and was Grand Garden’s first cassette
release and is available now for the first time on vinyl.
Multiple tracks from ‘Masta Killa’ were featured on Tuamie’s ‘The Gift
Volume 4’ (LP) release with DJ House Shoes’ label, Street Corner

• Tuamie has been championed by Knxwledge, DJ House
Shoes, Iman Omari, Ohbliv and others
• Has previously released ‘The Gift Volume 4’ (LP) with DJ
House Shoes on Street Corner Music
• Has also previously released beat tapes with Grand Garden
and Dirty Tapes

1. Yellow
2. Hot Breeze
3. Reoccurring Feeling of
4. Eleven Days Without My
5. Eulb Dream
6. Birds on the Sidewalk
7. Cran Grape Juice
8. Follow Directions
9. -U-N-I-T-Y-
10. 3hree Sounds
1. No Pursuit
2. Unseen Signals
3. Breathing
4. Not Breathing
5. Almond Milk
6. Brain Cell
7. Flowing Waters
8. Only
9. Huemor
10. Quit
11. Thunder Here
12. King of Martin Luthers Available from 29.01.2016
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