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Friday, Nov 27 2015 | 09:16
Image: 1601081 Wah Wah 45s are proud to present the third album, and first on the label, for vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, rapper, painter, carpenter, raconteur and one of the most talented and unique artists you're likely to encounter - Gideon Conn. Hip Hop Original sums this man up in those three words, and it's an album that tells tales of everyday life, love and relationships, politics, the law and even sport, all delivered in Gideon's unique style. It also delivers some of Gideon's most personal lyricism to date.

The album features some of the finest female vocalists working in the UK today - namely erstwhile Resonator, Bunty, Matthew Halsall collaborator and artist in her own right, Josephine Oniyama, a lady we first discovered via her work with The Boxettes, Yvette Riby-Williams, as well as regular collaborator, Hazel Tratt.

Hailing from Manchester, England, Gideon Conn is something of a one-off. His charming energy, quick wit and unique vocal often stun, and sometimes confuse, but in the end, audiences and listeners inevitably fall in love with this enigmatic, incomparable troubadour's warmth and showmanship.

As much influenced by Joan as Policewoman and Simon & Garfunkle as by Aretha and Stevie or Mos Def and Talib Kweli, Gideon's eclectic take on hip hop music is unparalleled with its soulful, humorous edge and intricate, inventive lyricism.

Having already garnered fans as diverse as Guy Garvey, Tom Robinson and Shaun Keaveney on BBC 6Music, Rob da Bank (Bestival) and John Kennedy (XFM) the next stage in Gideon's story is already eagerly anticipated by radio, press, festival goers and the army of fans he's garnered over the years.

1 Sweet Music (feat. Hazel Tratt)
2 I Just Don't Know You Very Well (feat. Bunty)
3 In the Abstract
4 One in a Million (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
5 You Make Me Smile (feat. Hazel Tratt)
6 The Modern Age
7 Miranda Warning
8 New Oblivion (feat. Josephine Oniyama)
9 Crystallised (feat. Yvette Riby-Williams)
10 Question of Sport
11 Two Four
12 Mind Original (feat. Hazel Tratt) Available from 18.12.2015
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