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Friday, Nov 20 2015 | 09:09 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Santa's Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol.3Critics, reviewers and journalists watch out. These sales notes are so succinct that you may be finished reading them before you’ve even had the chance to skip to the second song (provided that you’ve listened to the opener in its entire perfection)!

What sets one compilation album apart from the others? What makes a record label special? These are questions that keep us up at night here at Tramp and you are holding in your hands one of our 50 full-length answers. It’s true that within the soul and funk scene rarity and obscurity commands attention but it’s the quality and performance that keeps a selection on heavy rotation. Speaking of Tramp, and in particular of this final volume in the Santa’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party (SF&SCP) compilation trilogy, Sean Delany and Jan Kohlmeyer did an incredible job compiling these tunes. They spared no pains digging up the rarest of the rare, and the best of the best Christmas funk you have (n)ever heard (and which has not been compiled anywhere else). Even with your impeccable music taste and your unlimited record-buying budget you will have a hard time getting your hands on most of these gems. What brings you all the money if something you want is never offered? For us it’s the quality that counts and that’s why you will find such artists as Sam Sweetsinger Bell, Joe Shinall, Cleveland Robinson, and Carol Ford to name a few on this album. Of course the rest of the tunes are no exception either.

It fits like a glove that this third volume of SF&SCP is simultaneously the 50th Tramp Records album released. Since we are proudly independent and are not forced to act in the economic sense, and, like you, are music fanatics and die-hard record collectors, we at Tramp Records are still digging after more than ten hard-working years! It started out just for fun and it’s our fans worldwide that encourage us to keep bringing the heat. As long as there is music out there that has the power to drop our jaws to the floor we will still be here – and, like Santa himself, we will work year-round to continue to deliver our funky Christmas miracles directly to your turntable. Merry Christmas!


01. Joe Shinall – Sock It To ’em Santa
02. Sam Sweetsinger Bell – Happy Birthday Jesus
03. Carol Ford – Christmas Letters
04. Syng McGowan & The Fanettes – Dear Santa
05. Velle Scott – Merry Christmas
06. Excaliburs – Peace on Earth
07. The Individuals – Holiday for Drums
08. Rudi and the Rain Dearz Santa’s New Bag
09. Cleveland Robinson – Xmas Time Is Here Again
10. Funk Machine – Soul Santa (Part 1)
11. Rocki Lane And The Gross Group – Santa Soul
12. Timi Terrific & The Redheads – Black (Soul) Christmas
13. The Bionic I – Disco Claus
14. White Chimney – Funky Santa Claus

The compilation VariousSanta’s Funk & Soul Christmas Party Vol.3” (Tramp Records) is going to be released November 20, 2015.

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