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Friday, Sep 25 2015 | 11:09 Buy this now at GoodToGo (B2B)

Palace Fever“Love, Lunatics & Spacehips” – a title like a road movie by Jim Jarmusch. Stony desert landscapes, surreal rock formations and right in the centre some diner with a hand full of strange figures looking for something. It’s not quite clear what exactly they are looking for – maybe for freedom, maybe love, maybe UFOs, maybe just for some human company. In the background there is a band playing the matching soundtrack to this setting.

Such or similar images might come to someone’s mind when looking at the artwork which decorates the debut album of Palace Fever. The artwork’s atmosphere is continued by the tracks on “Palace Fever Sing About Love, Lunatics & Spaceships”. Starting with songs that let you scent the rebellious smell of freedom (“You Can’t Have It All”, “Mexico By UFO”, “Wheels” ) to tracks, that make you think of a former love affair (“When The Winter Comes”, “There Ain’t No Right Way”) and memories full of past adventures (“Flying Saucer”, “A Bag Full Of Memories”) – the album keeps what is promised by the artwork.

That all is pulled together by Palace Fever’s fine sense for great melodies and subtle weirdness.

Palace Fever mostly perform songs created by the mind of Julian Müller – quirky-catchy tunes that balance between folk, beat and country. Served with lots of twang, cliché-less rock’n’roll and pure pop!


01. Something Is Wrong With My Spaceship
02. Flying Saucers
03. This Girl
04. When The Winter Comes
05. You Can’t Have It All
06. Goodbye Gemini
07. There Ain’t No Right Way
08. Mutz Morricone
09. Mexico By UFO
10. Please Don’t Reply
11. Where Did You Go
12. A Bag Full Of Memories
13. Wheels
14. The Coldest December

The album Palace FeverSing About Love, Lunatics & Spaceships” (Unique Records) is going to be released September 25, 2015.

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